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Epygi: October 2021 Newsletter

The QX’s Receptionist service allows the user to effectively handle multiple inbound calls. The calls can be kept in a call queue to be answered later or transferred to a different extension. In addition to other features it also allows:

  • Call Queue – puts multiple incoming calls in a queue, while the receptionist is busy with another caller, allowing them to be answered in the order they have been received.
  • Extension Status and Call Interception – uses BLF keys to monitor a specific line for status changes on the phone. Allows to configure a BLF key on the phone for monitoring the status of a watched extension (busy or idle).
  • Kickback – is used to return the blind transferred call back to the receptionist. If the extension doesn’t answer or is busy with another call, the transferred call will return to the receptionist, instead of going to Voice Mail or being disconnected.

One can easily set up a phone to have a number of useful receptionist functionality through an easy to use Receptionist Phone Configuration Wizard which is available for some of Epygi supported IP phones, the number of which continuously grows with its latest addition being the Polycom VVX 450 IP phone.

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