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New Fibre Network Operator Lightstruck Storms the Market

New Fibre Network Operator Lightstruck Storms the Market to Provide Connectivity to Homes, Businesses and Schools.

Cape Town, 10 September 2019: As Fibre Network Operators scramble to build Fibre Infrastructure in major metropolitan areas, one provider is choosing to build in very select areas across South Africa. Lightstruck has been building their fully open access Active Ethernet and GPON network for the past few years and the first area in Paarl is now live. Construction in the next areas will start soon. Their plan is to continue to deploy Fibre across Southern Africa, where the local communities have signaled an interest in Fibre for the community.

Lightstruck representative, Hein de Swardt says, “It is our team’s vision to develop, own and operate open access, high-end, last mile Fibre by deploying an infrastructure that will deliver long term Fibre optic networks for the economic and social benefit of these communities.”

Lightstruck have identified and carefully chosen ISP’s across the country to partner with to offer customers the combination of excellent service, with a product and service offering that would suit most business, homeowners’ and schools modern Internet requirements.

De Swardt adds, “Reliability and quality was crucial to the success of our Network therefore we partnered with BitCo Telecoms. BitCo is a National Network Provider whose network reaches multiple provinces with a carrier ethernet backhaul capacity of 40Gbps into each of our Network points of presence across South Africa. BitCo’s National Network offers us dedicated capacity back to various Teraco’s including protected Fibre routes.”

As part of the BitCo and Lightstruck Network agreement BitCo will be partnering with Lightstruck to offer all schools within the Lightstruck live coverage area a free 1Gbps Internet connection that carries a 1:1 uncontended dedicated Internet service. These schools will not only benefit from fast and reliable Internet, they will also receive a service level agreement, 24/7 support and access to BitCo’s Voice Network and Virtual PBX services at preferential rates.

BitCo will soon be launching Home and Business Fibre packages across the Lightstruck Network and are working with Lightstruck to launch their next areas.

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