Internet Solutions: A reliable co-location solution

Your business will not enjoy a range of hardware, security and support options at a predictable cost.

Today’s businesses need a data centre network that scales easily, handles new types of traffic, increased workloads and can take advantage of cloud automation and orchestration opportunities. Through data centre co-location, your business can enjoy a range of hardware, security and support options at a predictable cost.

Remain competitive with co-location

The ideal co-location provider will deliver all aspects of the data centre such as the building, cooling, power, bandwidth or connectivity and the physical and virtual security of the facility – making it simple for clients to host their own servers or hardware, and lease dedicated rack space. This essentially delivers the flexibility of your own data centre, without the added building and maintenance costs.

We can take it a step further with interconnection in a co-location facility which allows any enterprise to connect its network to another by running fibre or other mediums to a central point called a meet-me room. Telecoms can physically connect data centres and exchange data without incurring local loop fees using carrier handover point equipment.

This peering exchange (where two separate networks connect and exchange traffic) allows businesses to extend their reach. IS takes an open approach to peering, developed for simplicity and inclusivity. This ensures that local traffic can be delivered efficiently to end users.

There are several opportunities to improve user experience on open and active peering by adding resiliency, keeping traffic localised and driving down the expense of Internet connectivity. A robust peering policy, paired with data centre interconnectivity, allows access to multiple connectivity highways at the lowest latencies and costs.

Virtual Cross Connect

Internet Solutions also provides direct, secure and ultra-low-latency co-location connectivity, to hyperscale cloud providers such as Microsoft’s Cloud including Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a direct connection, you can capitalise on the kind of high-powered performance needed for workloads such as SAP on Azure with Microsoft.

We shorten the distance between clients and Microsoft by localising traffic in data centres and offer extremely competitive connectivity rates to improve service delivery. You can reach the cloud and your customers faster with inter-data centre connectivity when you leverage our hyperconnected and hyperscaled exchange ecosystem.

Environmentally-responsible data management

Data centres are notoriously energy-intensive and can use as much electricity as a small town. Energy-efficient data centres take into account more efficient usage of heating, ventilation and lighting. Internet Solutions employs a number of techniques that are both environmentally-responsible and keep the costs of powering servers down. Just a few of these methods include water-free cooling systems such as modular direct expansion cooling, modular uninterrupted power supplies and flexible, modular designs to ensure that only what is being used is being powered.

Our advanced co-location and data centre solutions are specifically designed to offer businesses comprehensive data management solutions that are cost-effective, optimise productivity and reduce security threats.

Let Internet Solutions take care of your business-critical data.

Source: InternetSolutions

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