Why unified communications, voice assists businesses in cost-saving, spearheading revenue-generating opportunities

With digitisation being fast-tracked in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations have had to relook at their working structures and tools to sustain and increase productivity while still keeping the best interest and new dynamics of the business in mind.

What also stirred the shift was bill shock, with mobility becoming an important trend in the marketplace as consumers and businesses continue to embrace smart devices.

Bill shock can occur for a number of reasons, including unclear or misunderstood advertising, unanticipated roaming or data charges, and other problems. It can be difficult to know when you’re running up a surprisingly high wireless bill, especially if you don’t monitor your usage or receive automatic usage alerts.

Exorbitant data roaming charges continue to exasperate mobile users, and their first response is to look for someone to blame for those unexpected charges. A survey by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reveals that one in six mobile users has experienced bill shock – leading to frustration, heated calls with customer care, customer dissatisfaction and customer churn.

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