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Whitepaper: effective patient engagement begins at home

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Today’s health systems are charged with improving outcomes, reducing costs, and improving patient satisfaction — the “Triple Aim.” For this reason, healthcare providers must extend their reach beyond the hospital walls and engage their patient population in their homes.

If we take into account that, in a standard hospital, the average cost of external consultations represent approximately 20% of its expenses, it seems logical to prioritize alternatives that continue offering patients the best service from the comfort of their home while reducing costs. One of the best options is video-enabled care for Telemedicine for effective patient engagement at home.

Vidyo solutions for Telemedicine.

Utilizing the leading video platform for Telemedicine to embed a high-quality real-time video channel, it becomes easier to obtain the Triple Aim goal.

VidyoConnect allows for video interaction between clinicians and patients in remote care. The possibility of eliminating the distance barrier allows CMIOs, CFOs y CIOs to reduce the cost of external consultations. The doctor can sustain an effective patient engagement at home for the latter’s tranquility. provides a complete toolkit for developers to create in-house apps with video-enabled care for Telemedicine. This, for example, enables the doctor to communicate with chronic illness patients through a mobile. Thanks to this, healthcare systems can reduce transportation costs, which on average represents 10% of its total expenses.

Improved results.

Telemedicine service with embedded video communication, healthcare facilities can achieve effective patient engagement at home. Therefore, we can detect early needs of intervention, reduce readmission levels by avoiding unnecessary hospital visits, and increase patient satisfaction. In other words, a win-win.

As Healthcare Informatics puts it “monitoring in the home setting is the second most prevalent use of virtual health technologies employed by health systems, following emergent care.”

If you want to read the whole Whitepaper, do not hesitate and download it.

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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