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Whatsapp Integrated Contact Center Puts it in a Class Apart for Delightful Customer Experience

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The world has about 3.5 billion smartphone users and Whatsapp registered over 5 billion installs through Play Store. That tells us a definite story about how these two are made for each other. A smartphone lets you phone or video call. Whatsapp lets you do more by including both voice and video over IP plus the facility to send and receive images and video. It is easy to use and it is no surprise that people are on Whatsapp every day exchanging one to one chats, engaging in group chats and forwarding messages. That makes it ideal for customer services starting with sending out campaign materials to follow ups to serving existing services. One can say that in and by itself, Whatsapp is a complete communication channel. Blend Whatsapp in contact center software and you have an unbeatable combination for customer service.

How Whatsapp blends in with contact center software

There are several ways Whatsapp integration in contact center software works to create a smooth interactive atmosphere for customers and agents.

One way customers interact is by dialing a number that channels them into the IVR. The IVR can be configured to include an option that allows callers to press a key and activate Whatsapp. This may be on the smartphone or Whatsapp web. Caller can leave a message on Whatsapp and receives a call back after authentication. Whatsapp may be configured to tie in with the CRM, fetch details and create a transactional service or provide information as may be required by way of voice message, text, image or video.

Whatsapp may be tied to the intelligent chatbot and permit customers to receive answers to common queries. A human agent may take over at any point if required.

Interaction may start on Whatsapp with the agent connecting through the omnichannel contact center software and record the transaction.

One example is Snapmint, a consumer finance company that lets people buy products on installments. New customer verification is carried over to Whatsapp through which the customer captures a selfie video with the aadhar card showing and sends it across. So much is done fast and with minimum hassles for the customer since whatsapp is so easy to use. Their delight and satisfaction means you have loyal customers who will buy again. You would be behind the times if your contact center software does not integrate Whatsapp.

Integrating Whatsapp into legacy contact center software

The best thing to do is to switch over to omnichannel contact center solution that integrates social media including Whatsapp. If, however, you are satisfied with your legacy solution you could do the next best thing. Call in experts to integrate Whatsapp into existing solutions through API.

Hodusoft offers Omnichannel Contact Center software with Whatsapp included. The company also offers API integration services for call centers to let them use Whatsapp with their current solution.

Sourced from: Hodusoft. View the original article here.

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