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Webinar: How to manage PortaOne iPaaS app trials and subscriptions, streamline MS Teams deployment for end-users using a wizard, and offer call analytics and insights

PortaOne iPaaS allows CSPs to integrate new apps and add new products and value-added services (VAS) in a matter of days – without updating PortaSwitch. Want to integrate PortaSwitch with Teams, for example? Admin of your subscriber (even a non-technical person!), using the user-friendly onboarding wizard, in just 1-2 days can connect their MS Teams environment to your CloudPBX.

We’ll demo the wizard in a joint webinar with our partner Boom on May 27. At the webinar, we’ll also preview a new iPaaS app that provides you with advanced call analytics, along with the new PortaOne iPaaS portal: a single place to self-manage your iPaaS subscriptions.

A few months ago, we announced the PortaOne iPaaS marketplace: a catalog of value-added apps that help PortaOne clients increase their profits – and customer satisfaction rates. At our upcoming webinar, we’ll demo the new iPaaS self-care portal: a single path to all the possibilities of PortaOne iPaaS. Browse the apps, activate the ones you want, and easily manage all of your iPaaS subscriptions in one place. All you need to do to get started is sign up to iPaaS – no commitment or prepayment necessary. Even better: you can test most of the available apps at no cost – just take advantage of the free 30-day trials!

At our previous webinar with Boom, we presented a new PortaSwitch integration with Microsoft Teams. The Boom integration module allows PortaOne clients to resell this popular communication tool while supplying direct routing outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. In a nutshell, it helps you provide better and cheaper calling than what your subscribers can get from Microsoft.

Through close collaboration with our partner Boom we now offer a Microsoft Teams onboarding wizard that helps you to enable Teams integration and allows your subscribers to self-manage connecting their Teams instance to CloudPBX on PortaSwitch and easily map Teams users to CloudPBX extensions – within just a couple of days. We’ll demo the wizard, and show you how even users without deep engineering experience will be able to do all the setup.

Finally, we’ll preview a new app that allows you to offer your clients advanced call analytics and insights, along with the ability to transcribe and analyze recorded calls. The valuable features in this app include:

  • Transcription of call recordings to text.
  • Sentiment analysis. This AI-based app splits the recorded call into negative, neutral, positive sentiment, and analyzes the records for profanity and sensitive financial information (e.g., credit card numbers).
  • Call analytics. Filter and track call transcriptions by topic and even set up notification alerts for specific words.
  • Enterprise wallboards. Get statistics and reports on call queues, hunt groups, DIDs, and more. You can break down calls by months, weeks, or days, and generate charts and diagrams to easily visualize how many calls went to each number or extension. You can even create your custom wallboard – so you can track specific parameters.


Klaus Haertel,
Director of Strategic
Alliances and Channel
Sales at PortaOne

Devrin Cakali,
Chief Technology
Officer at Boom

Nick Birtwistle,
Chief Executive
Officer at Boom

Boom brings together the best of Unified Communications, Software as a Service, and deep analytics, enabling resellers to power businesses of all sizes. The Boom portfolio complements PortaOne and provides additional services to enhance customer experience and grow revenues.

Date and time:

May 27, 2021

Mexico City – 9:00 am
New York – 10:00 am
São Paulo – 11:00 am
London – 3:00 pm
Western / Central Europe – 4:00 pm
Eastern Europe – 5:00 pm
Dubai- 6:00 pm

Please don’t record the webinar – we’ll provide you with the oficial recording shortly after the event.

We hold an open Q&A session at the end of each webinar, but if you want us to cover any particular issues during the webinar, please send your questions to We’ll be glad to answer them.

Note: During the conference, your microphones will be muted, but you can always type your questions via chat during the live Q&A.

See you at the webinar!

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