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Videoconferencing as a pedagogical resource in Educational Institutions

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Video as a tool for education is not only an opportunity (or rather an obligation) because of the situation created by COVID-19. Education is changing faster than ever. Therefore, the implementation of video conferencing for education is increasingly demanded by students and institutions. It is especially important in those communities that are unstructured, remote, or not very cohesive.

Nowadays, many schools use video conferencing to improve their teaching services. Since it is a solution that provides a truly collaborative and personal environment, far superior to that created in other non-presential channels.

At the same time, higher education institutions, are increasingly competing, developing educational programs at a distance. The implementation of the appropriate technology to carry out this process successfully can be a key factor in positioning itself in the market.

Videoconferencing offers different experiences, from connecting students in different places, creating off-site collaborative groups, or attending classes at a distance.

We give you some clues as to why it is important to implement a video conferencing strategy in educational institutions.

Virtuality and access

The use of a videoconferencing platform allows direct communication, distance teaching, and even meetings between the teaching and administrative staff via the Internet. All this without altering the traditional dynamics.

The video conference allows communication in a situation similar to “face to face”, depending on visual attributes, time and proximity, thus facilitating natural interaction between teachers and students.

Pedagogical benefits of video conferencing

  • Real-time two-way communication
  • Improves the teaching and learning experience
  • Allows you to incorporate different external resources into the class
  • Motivates and promotes student activity by making contact with others
  • Avoids travel costs

Its correct integration is a major challenge for educational institutions, so it is necessary to acquire the appropriate technology in each case.

How to choose the ideal video conferencing platform for Educational Institutions?

Without a doubt, it is essential that the tool is adapted to specific educational needs. In addition, it has to be a robust tool that provides the necessary quality for an uninterrupted experience. And, of course, flexibility and customization are essential.

With the Vidyo platform, distance learning programs can be implemented and enhanced. It provides more interactive learning, resulting in better student performance. Even administrative and teaching staff can communicate more efficiently through this tool, anywhere, and on any device.

What sets Vidyo‘s communications and collaboration platform apart from the rest is

  • Low-cost mobility and performance
  • High quality in remote environments
  • Ease of use: a simple and intuitive desktop interface
  • The quantity and quality of multiple simultaneous connections
  • Data and conversation security

In conclusion, videoconferencing is an important tool for strengthening distance education and meeting the demand for training, education, and professional updating. With technological development, the distance communication has been evolving and virtualization projects in educational institutions are increasingly demanded.

For these projects to meet expectations, the choice of the most appropriate technology is definitive.

If you are thinking of adding video in the pedagogical process, we invite you to see this Vidyo Education success story that shows how medical students in Haiti managed to continue their training normally, thanks to the implementation of video education. If you want more information, you can contact us here.

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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