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UNMS Cloud is here

With great joy, we would like to announce another milestone in UNMS development. UNMS Cloud service is now available for you. This platform is exceptionally useful for users who do not want to install UNMS on their own hardware or for those who want to give UNMS a try for a month without any cost. Yes, UNMS Cloud will be free for the first month and because we really want to make the experience as user-friendly as possible, we won’t ask for a credit card to register initially. If you still love UNMS Cloud after a month (and we believe you will) you will be asked to enter credit card information so we can start charging a fair monthly price. So what are you waiting for? 

Unfortunately, the paid version is only available in the USA, Mexico and Canada at this moment.

What does the UNMS Cloud offer?

UNMS Cloud includes our latest version of UNMS v1 which addresses both your network and your billing and customer management needs. For a very low monthly fee, you will get access to a platform which is designed to take care of as many aspects of your business as possible. The business side works seamlessly with the network management elements so, for example, if you decide to cancel, suspend or traffic-shape a service for a specific customer, you can do that in the CRM module and the network management side will automatically make all necessary config changes on the related devices behind the scene.

UNMS Cloud saves your time and money

The most appealing feature of this platform is that there is no costly hardware needed to start using UNMS. You do not need to be a Linux guru, everything will be deployed, monitored and maintained by us. The cloud comes with huge added value as well. You get a free in-app Google map and free SSL certificates handled automatically for you (secure connection for users, devices, and payment gateways used by your clients). It is online 24/7. All the UNMS features like Network management, CRM, and the Client Zone are always available even during power outages in your network. You will always be the owner of your data: you can migrate your UNMS Cloud data to the local UNMS or back at any moment. And you get automatic UNMS upgrades with an option to configure the maintenance window for these upgrades in the Cloud UI.

How about the pricing?

We do not want our solution to cost you an arm and a leg. The prices are set up for maximum availability:

  • Free: for the first month
  • $10 a month for up to 100 devices
  • $20 a month for up to 500 devices
  • $40 a month for up to 2000 devices

Easy migration

If you are already a UNMS user and you would like to go cloud, there is a handy migration tool prepared for you. It will automatically reconnect devices from your current UNMS instance to the cloud. Make sure you read the instructions well. In the same way, your data can be migrated back to any local UNMS instance.

Coming soon

  • The paid version of UNMS Cloud is currently available only in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, but more countries will be supported soon.
  • In a short time, we will release the Remote Device Discovery tool, capable of using already connected devices to see the surrounding network. That is a critical tool for the Cloud since without it, device discovery cannot work.
  • We are working on an even easier method to send email alerts from UNMS Cloud instances without needing an SMTP setup.