The Vodia PBX Now Gives You Outbound Fax

You can now send faxes with Version 67.1 or later of Vodia’s best-in-class cloud PBX. We’ve had inbound fax for a while, but now we’ve added the outbound fax feature, which has been integrated into the front end and is available via the web front end app. It will also be included in the next Windows app release.

You may think faxes have gone the way of the VHS tape but, like SMS, they never really went away, and there are a number of reasons:

  1. Thanks to VoIP, faxing has moved online – our PBX makes this possible and easy.
  2. Faxes safeguard sensitive information better than emails do.
  3. Printed proof of receipt for invoices and legal documents.
  4. Documents are sent and received with actual signatures.
  5. Companies in many countries, particularly in Asia, still rely on faxes.

Okay, let’s send some faxes. With the Vodia Windows app, you can simply drag and drop a PDF, then type the fax number in the dialogue box:

Vodia Faxing Graphic 500x244 1

You can preview the pages and what the header will look like. When the FAX is sent out, the app shows you the progress percentage, so you know how close you are to sending the fax. Once the fax has been sent, you immediately receive a confirmation email with a copy of your fax.

We think it’s a very cool feature.

Our CEO, Dr. Christian Stredicke, shows you how it’s done in this YouTube video.

Source: TelecomReseller