Teams panels add support for customer line of business apps

Teams panels are outside of the meeting room touch screen displays that have colour-coded indicators for space availability status, view location and meeting details and reserve available meeting spaces directly from the panel. They are available from Crestron and Yealink.


Microsoft has just added a great new ability to add your own custom line of business apps.  Currently, static Teams web apps are supported. They can be pinned to the Teams panels Home screen for quick access. If there are more than five pinned apps or any unpinned apps, they will appear under the More screen.

You need to have the Teams app version 1449/ or newer to have app support within Teams panels. So your panels will need this update.

It will be great to see what customers use these for. Examples that come to mind are things like additional information about the room and location, abilities, policies, systems for ordering additional resources to the room, catering, floorplans, concierge, support for room control apps.

I have a Crestron Teams Panel in my lab, once I’ve done the update I’ll be sure to check this feature out and update the blog. If you have ideas or things you want me to test, let me know.


Microsoft Docs about Microsoft Teams panels

Microsoft docs: Microsoft Teams apps/Line of Business (LOB) app support on Teams panels

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