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Specific benefits of implementing a BI tool in the contact center

It is a fact that contact centers are moving into the digital age, but it is true that it could also be called the data age. The point is to know what to do with it, how to manage it intelligently.

Today contact centers are trying to optimize their databases, in most cases without success. They continue to call people who already said they did not want to buy or at times where they can only leave a message on the answering machine that will never be answered. In addition, the ability to make decisions in real-time by quickly processing all available data. It is another critical challenge contact centers face.

All this problem is solved with the correct implementation of a BI tool in the contact center.

Contact centers keep reinventing themselves

Also, It is a reality that there are advanced technologies and tools that allow contact centers to manage large volumes of data derived from the interaction with customers. This type of solution allows contact centers to convert data into information of high commercial and operational value.

In addition, these tools are based on an easy-to-use interface to organize large amounts of data. Minimizing data entry errors, completely eradicating the need for time-consuming spreadsheets. A BI tool has become a crucial component of data-based customer support, enabling a better customer experience and achieving cost efficiency.

BI takes Contact Centers to the next level

According to Gartner, the integration of BI tools has allowed contact centers to maximize the workload of positions by 37%. Demand planning, agent engagement, and intelligent automation are just a few of the ways that BI tools are helping contact centers optimize efficiency and achieve results.

As we know, contact centers generate and store a large amount of data. Also making it difficult to extract valuable information that can make a difference to both the customer relationship and the operation.

However, It is not enough just to implement a powerful tool. But also to have experts in the contact center sector, to be able to configure it in the most effective way.

In this video, you can see a small demo of how the EnghouseBI tool works

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Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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