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Software-defined Networking from Ubiquiti UniFi

Ubiquiti has become a leader in managed Wi-Fi with its end-to-end UniFi system. UniFi is an all-in-one, enterprise Wi-Fi solution that is supported by a fully-integrated software-defined network (SDN) platform for all your Wi-Fi, surveillance and networking devices.

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The combination of UniFi hardware and UniFi’s Network Management controller enables these devices to be managed by a single platform, allowing network administrators to remotely manage and monitor the network from a single interface and provides greater network agility, flexibility and performance.

The unique features of each UniFi device provides you with the freedom to deliver the ideal solution for your application. For example, UniFi delivers on the core need of enterprise Wi-Fi, allowing users to seamlessly roam between access points that are easily managed by administrators from a single interface, onsite or offsite, making UniFi the ideal solution for large office environments.

In addition to this, the UniFi’s SDN platform also caters to the needs of multibranch originations with its software-defined wide area network architecture (SD-WAN). This architecture connects the various branches to a central network and allows administrators to seamlessly control and adjust all branch network and security functions from a single location.

Additionally to its first-class software, UniFi is any service provider’s dream as it provides them with the features they want at an affordable price. Ubiquiti’s range of UniFi devices allows for tailor-made solutions that will suit all your application requirements.

Ubiquiti’s UniFi access points are used in top-rated hotels, businesses and restaurants, and as consumer requirements for a reliable, stable Wi-Fi connection increases, there is a growing demand for these applications to be installed in homes.

The UniFi product range includes Multi-User MIMO technology for superior performance in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum as well as mesh technology for unlimited scalability, enabling you to build wireless networks as big or as small as you need. This is especially useful in the hospitality industry where large Wi-Fi networks with central guest and staff management are essential.

UniFi is also the perfect home solution due to its focused web security and parental control. For example, if you want to put Wi-Fi access restrictions in place for your kids, you can set up a separate SSID and apply a scheduled access policy to it, while the grownups get a different SSID.

In summary, Ubiquiti’s Unifi boasts a powerful set of features that offer users exactly what they want at an affordable price. UniFi offers service providers and network administrators wired & wireless high-performance network devices that can be centrally managed and monitored through a simple software controller that is designed for convenient management.

The UniFi Software-Defined Networking platform is equipped with device discovery, provisioning, and management of all your UniFi devices, spanning over multiple locations and providing the best possible solution whether it be enterprise, hospitality, home or public Wi-Fi – UniFi has you covered.


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