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Sneaky Things That Kill Your Budget

Sneaky Things That Kill Your Budget

What if we told you that you don’t need to cut back on things you love to save money? Well, you can! Just by plugging the holes that your hard-earned Rands and cents disappear down each month.

The Secret To Saving Money

Does it feel like your money disappears faster than it comes in?


If you’ve tried cutting back on entertainment, take-out food and other luxury expenses but still can’t figure out where your savings went, you’re not alone. These are the sneaky cent snatchers that you can eliminate today.

Popping Into the Shops


Try to limit the amount of times you visit the shops, even if it’s on the way home. You might not realise how much those trips add-up. Collectively, you’re probably spending more than one large monthly shop would have cost.

For one, you’ll pick up items you didn’t even need thinking “hmm, while I’m here…” Then, there’s the expensive fuel you’re wasting driving to and fro, and idling away waiting for parking spots! Finally, you’re better off hanging on to those car-guard coins.


When you do go to the shops, draw money at the till at the same time. Your bank may be charging you for drawing from an ATM. Almost none charge for cashier withdrawals.

Letting Service Charges Tick-Over

How many re-rate notifications do you ignore, chalking them down to, “Well, things go up?” Read the fine print and challenge your service providers.

Many insurers simply up your premiums once a year without any other changes to your policy. You have every right to get your car (or other depreciating assets) valuated and adjust your insurance accordingly.

Double-check your bank charges. Banks are famous for changing their pricing strategies, and we complacently go along with it. Are being charged for SMSes? Take the time to compare different packages (pay-as-you-use vs fixed-fee, for example). It’ll save you loads in the long run.

Buck the branch

A few banks charge you for in-branch services (like drawing a statement) that are 100% on online banking. #Whodathunk make this sharable on social media

Separate Subscriptions


Consolidate wherever you can. For example, you can consolidate several services over Fibre , alleviating stress and unnecessary costs! Here are the undisputed, life-changing, benefits of Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH).

Hit the KILL Switch. Take a close look at your bank statements to see if you’re still paying recurring fees for anything that you no longer use (a mag subscription perhaps).

Similarly, check any and all other charge accounts like clothing accounts. Almost all of them have “members only” or other bolted-on charges. If you’re not using the members’ benefits, kill it.

There’s probably an income protection charge on every account. Rather look at getting one robust income protection plan that will cover ALL of your monthly expenses, should you be unable to work.

Budget Body-Guarding

Always pay attention to what you’re paying!

Have you spotted any other frivolous spending habits that make a big dent in your budget? Tell us about it using #MakesCents

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