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Six tips to effectively migrate your Contact Center to the cloud

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Migrating to a cloud-based contact center solution is a way to adapt to new situations. Integrating technological advances into your operations process and even accompanying the growth of your business are some of the benefits of starting out on this journey.

When you think about the migration of your Contact Center to the Cloud, there are questions to consider. Therefore, for the process to be successful and to maximize the opportunities that the Cloud generates, in this content we provide some useful tips that will ensure the success of this transformation without any inconvenience.

Think of your Cloud Contact Center as a differentiator for attracting and retaining employees

With the move to digital and the power of the Cloud, technology has become a differentiator: a way to attract and retain talent. That should be a key factor in migrating to a cloud contact center. You must focus on how this will enable you to boost and improve productivity. By working remotely, you drive collaboration and efficiency in operational processes. This allows you to perform work tasks with more satisfied agents and increase their loyalty to the company.

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Interact with everyone involved before you start

Before implementing a cloud contact center solution, you need to make sure that all stakeholders are involved in the process. Ideally, all stakeholders should be involved in the process from the beginning. That way, you can be sure that the implementation will meet your business requirements now and in the future.

Check that your supplier can deliver the integration cost-effectively

When you migrate your contact center to the cloud, you need to confirm that any interface to CRM or other third-party applications can be moved and that your chosen solution provider can deliver the necessary integration without significant costs or having to re-engineer the services. It is a mistake to assume that most providers can easily achieve this. It requires a lot of effort, and this is a good reason to consider when choosing your provider, as they must have the experience to carry out a successful integration.

Provide an ergonomic user interface – it’s key for your agents and your IT team

Before moving your contact center to the cloud, consider the importance of providing a large pool of distributed agents with an ergonomic graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI should be easy to install-on-demand, as interaction levels fluctuate naturally, and are also intuitive to use. This simplicity is important. The GUI should not require any computer intervention before it is functional. One of the key benefits of moving to the Cloud is reduced IT burden and if the department needs to get involved to “add an agent”, that key benefit is compromised.

Choose a provider that offers a multi-tenant environment

Many providers simply virtualize an instance of what was traditionally deployed as an on-site solution. However, when that vendor has 20 or so instances, it will pass on the cost of ownership to its customers. Instead of managing, operating, and updating a single platform with a single set of tools and skills, the vendor will have to manage, operate and update multiple instances of it, with the associated overhead. To avoid pitfalls and achieve benefits, you must be confident that you are working with a vendor that operates a genuinely multi-tenant solution.

Ensure your approach is future-proofed

Technology is evolving all the time and it is likely that the business requirements of any contact center in the cloud will evolve as well. You need to think about what future protection really means for your business. Questions like these:

  • Will you have to pay and/or wait for long periods of time for any technological changes to be made?.
  • Does your provider track the market and make significant investments in new technology and in R&D?
  • Will integration be easy with your existing and likely future infrastructure?

Having these questions in mind should help you ensure a successful outcome that keeps you ahead of your competition.

Contact Centers must be willing to change their traditional practices to remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace. The benefits of migrating your contact center to the cloud are obvious. There is no doubt that it’s the right way to offer an excellent customer experience while achieving your business goals.

If you would like more information on how to implement a Contact Center solution in the Cloud, download this study. You can also contact us here to get more information about our Presence Smart Cloud solution, based on Microsoft Azure.

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