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PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 91 now available

Service providers in the European Economic Area, the UK, and Switzerland can meet SCA requirements and continue to accept online payments, and IP Centrex customers can now supervise employee calls in real time. All this and more with the new PortaSwitch MR91. Find out about all the updates and benefits in the latest New Features Guide.

Strong Customer Authentication support for online payments

To prevent fraudulent transactions and make online payments more secure, new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements have been introduced in Europe as a part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). See our blog for more details on this change.

Without SCA, a customer’s bank may decline a payment. MR91 ensures that service providers in the European Economic Area (EEA), the UK, and Switzerland can meet these SCA requirements and continue to accept online payments. Users making online payments via the PortaBilling self-care interface are redirected to the bank page, where they have to provide additional information to complete the payment (e.g., entering a one-time password sent to them on their phone).

Currently, SCA is supported for the Stripe payment processor – this is immediately available to you in MR91, or in MR90-1 via iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). If you’re using Stripe on an older release of PortaSwitch, i.e., MR55–MR90, the PortaOne team can make a backport patch for your specific MR to enable SCA. Contact us to arrange a patch.


Meet SCA requirements
Continue accepting online payments in the EEA, the UK, and Switzerland.

Call supervision

Customers that use IP Centrex can now assist their colleagues in real time. For example, a manager can listen to a sales trainee’s calls, guide them, and, if needed, participate in the call. Managers can choose from three modes: spy mode (neither the trainee nor the client are aware of the manager’s presence), whisper mode (only the trainee can hear the manager), or barge-in mode (both the trainee and the client can hear the manager).


Improve efficiency
IP Centrex customers can use call supervision to train new agents, evaluate their performance, and more.

Enhanced on-demand call recording

On-demand call recording is now available regardless of the SIP phone model being used. End users can start/stop call recording at any time during a call by DTMF codes. For example, to start the recording, they could dial *44, and to stop it, they could dial *45. After the call is ended, the end user will receive their call recording via email.


Customer experience
End users can activate on-demand call recording by DTMF codes.

Plug’n Pay payment processor

Service providers can now accept online payments via the Plug’n Pay payment processor. Plug’n Pay is available in PortaBilling via iPaaS. Starting with MR91, or in MR90-1, the Plug’n Pay payment processor is immediately available. For MR55–MR90, the PortaOne team can make a backport patch for the specific MR to enable Plug’n Pay. Contact our sales department to find out more.


Choose your payment processor, your way
Accept online payments with Plug’n Pay

Find more details and additional enhancements in PortaSwitch MR91 in the latest New Features Guide.

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