PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 90 now available

No more “spoofing”: now, service providers in the US and Canada can comply with local regulators using STIR/SHAKEN, giving their users the certainty that verified callers are who they say they are. All this and more with the new PortaSwitch MR90. Find out about all the updates and benefits in the latest New Features Guide.

Support of STIR/SHAKEN standards

Now, service providers in the US and Canada can support STIR/SHAKEN standards, allowing them to comply with local regulators. STIR/SHAKEN ensures that calling numbers are not changed or spoofed, giving users the ability to avoid the unwanted robocalls and phone spammers that used to sneak in with a falsified local number. With MR90, your users will see the verified V-sign that lets them know they can trust the calling number they see on their phones. If the calling number is not verified, they won’t see the V-sign, and they can choose for themselves whether or not to answer.

SIP trunking providers can also sign calls with the STIR/SHAKEN signature and avoid penalty charges for not complying with regulations.


Comply with local regulations
Sign calls with the STIR/SHAKEN signature.

Customer experience
Users can trust verified calling numbers, and decide whether to answer other calls.

Integration with Pharos CIG

With MR90, PortaBilling is now integrated with the Pharos CIG (Charging Interworking Gateway). This integration allows service providers to run MVNO in 2.5 and 3G networks and offer a full range of mobile services to their customers using the CAMEL-Diameter (Ro) gateway.


Build your network, your way
Choose the gateway that fits your budget, starting from the affordable CAMEL-Diameter (Ro) gateway.

Find more details and additional enhancements in PortaSwitch MR90 in the latest New Features Guide.

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