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PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 85 now available

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Enable users to access their applications with a single set of credentials, charge a full periodic fee for partial billing periods, and generate batches of mobile accounts – all with the new PortaSwitch MR85. Find out more in the New Features Guide.

Integration with the Microsoft Active Directory

The Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a user register that enables the management of user access to multiple corporate resources, such as Odoo CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, from a single place. In case an employee leaves the company or their permissions must be changed, the AD administrator can instantly block/change their access to all corporate resources. This saves time and simplifies user management.

Users also benefit from PortaSwitch’s integration with the Microsoft AD. Using a single set of credentials, users can access the PortaBilling and Configuration server’s web interface in addition to other resources included in the AD. This simplifies the login process and reduces the risk of losing or forgetting multiple passwords.


Customer experience
Enable users to access their corporate resources with a single set of credentials

Operational agility
Save administrators time on user management within their entire infrastructure

Charging subscription fee in full for partial billing periods

When customers sign up for a service or cancel their subscription in the middle of a billing period, they are charged a prorated fee by default. Now in PortaBilling, you can choose whether or not to prorate recurring charges for an incomplete billing period. Thus, you can charge your customers a full periodic fee, no matter when they activate or cancel their subscription. Let’s say you resell the streaming services of ABC platform, which charges you $3 for any customer who used the service within a month. This is a fixed fee that doesn’t depend on the number of days your customers use the service. In case your customers cancel their subscription in the middle of a billing period, you bear the difference out of your pocket. Now you can avoid losing money by charging your customers in full.


Costs control
Ensure the subscription charges cover the cost

Generation of mobile accounts in bulk for SIM cards distribution

PortaBilling administrators can now generate batches of associations between SIM cards (identified by IMSI) and mobile numbers (MSISDN). Then this data will be used to print physical “prepaid starter packs” that are ready to be used. An administrator can assign a batch of accounts to a specific distributor before generation. Then this distributor can sell ready-to-use SIM cards to a large number of end users. When end users buy a prepaid SIM card, they can use it right away.


Operational agility
Reduce the load on administrators by generating mobile accounts in bulk

You can find more details on other PortaSwitch enhancements in the New Features Guide.

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