PortaOne Webinar: New features highlights for PortaSwitch MR85-88, PortaBI advanced profitability metrics, and a new WebRTC tool

Join our webinar on Thursday, October 22, to see how you can benefit from all the new features we’ve introduced in recent releases of PortaSwitch and PortaBI – and to find out more about a super-useful WebRTC module for PortaSwitch.

Even if you’ve already seen the recent editions of the New Features Guide, don’t miss this chance to explore the new functionalities of PortaSwitch MR85-88 in more detail, and get answers to your specific questions from our experts during a live Q&A session.

There’s a lot to cover in this webinar, so make sure you register! We’ll kick off by showing you how to:

  • Increase your customer lifetime value (CLV) by activating a long-term service commitment in exchange for a discounted rate
  • Save time for your support agents and PortaBilling administrators by integrating PortaBilling with a Zendesk ticketing system – while also gaining the ability to accurately track how much time your support engineers spend on solving tickets per customer
  • Develop and deploy an integration module for a totally new payment processor via iPaaS within a couple of weeks – without the need to update your PortaSwitch installation
  • Generate mobile accounts in batches to enable fast and easy distribution of prepaid SIM cards
  • See the provisioning status for third-party systems (such as CRM or a network node) for each account on the PortaBilling web UI so you can save time on troubleshooting
  • Benefit from all the other features and enhancements that are already available in PortaSwitch MR85-88

The webinar will also cover the long-awaited PortaBI updates that will help you prevent losses:

  • Advanced profitability metrics that show the actual profitability of a customer or a product – even complex products that involve subscriptions, bundles of free minutes, or pay-per-use international calls. Now you can easily see what’s causing you losses and which products you might want to kill off.
  • Alerts and notifications that will allow you to easily monitor – and react to! – important changes in your performance indicators before it’s too late. We’ll demo how to configure alerts for when certain values cross a threshold – like, for example, when the amount of traffic received in the last 30 days from a VIP customer has significantly decreased.

And we’ve got one more new solution you won’t want to miss hearing about! Our last PortaSwitch updates webinar took place six months ago, at the very beginning of the pandemic. We live in a new, challenging reality now, and to make things a little bit easier we’ve significantly boosted our work on the WebRTC module for PortaSwitch. Now, you can offer your customers the perfect solution for remote offices.

The WebRTC tool is an alternative to IP phones that allows your customers to send and receive audio and video calls using only a web browser. To log in, all the user needs is a PortaSwitch account ID. Inbound calls ring on both the desk-phone and the WebRTC window, and users can record conversations the same way they can with a regular IP phone. Sound quality is excellent even with a poor Internet connection, all thanks to the Opus codec.

Here are a few more benefits of WebRTC:

  • Save on communication equipment costs: With WebRTC, there’s no need to pay more when switching to a remote-office mode.
  • Consolidate billing records: All communication costs are attributed to a single PortaSwitch account.
  • Value-added service: The WebRTC component can be embedded into third-party websites to provide features like an “instantly call our sales rep” link.
  • Fast set up: WebRTC is available as a module in PortaOne iPaaS: once the subscription is set up, it will only take us about 20 minutes to configure it for you.

Join our webinar to see a demo of this new tool and to learn about what it can do for you. If you have any further questions about WebRTC or any of our products, we’ll be happy to answer them during the Q&A.

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Mike Kidik, Product Officer
Svitlana Melnychuk, Project Manager

Date and time:

October 22, 2020

Mexico City – 9:00 am
New York – 10:00 am
São Paolo – 11:00 am
London – 3:00 pm
Western / Central Europe – 4:00 pm
Eastern Europe – 5:00 pm

Note: the conference bridge will be muted during the webinar, but you will be able to type your questions via chat during the live Q&A.

If you want us to cover any special issues during the webinar, please send your questions to: webinar@portaone.com.

We look forward to seeing you!

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