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PortaOne Dual Version webinar: A solution for smooth and painless software updates

webinar Dual version

It’s a scenario you face again and again: a new version of your favorite software becomes available, and it contains a feature you need quickly if you don’t want to lose customers to the competition. The issue is that the feature comes packed together with dozens of others — and you’re not sure how they will impact your customers’ UX. So you go ahead with the intensive process, leading to wave after wave of post-update issues and even the need to roll back the entire update at times. When it’s all over, you look back and wonder – is there a better way?

That’s why PortaOne is offering a new approach to software updates. Dual Version allows you to gradually migrate batches of your customers to new versions, avoiding the need for one big-bang update. Migrate a single batch, observe and address issues, then proceed with the next. Migration is transparent to the end-user (no reconfiguration required!), issues are contained to a very small group of customers, and potential damage to the UX is reduced to a minimum.

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Join our June 17 webinar to learn more about Dual Version.

You’ll find out how this new approach lets you:

  • Reduce the number of UX issues that occur right after an update
  • Contain updates to pilot batches of customers, so that any issues that arise only affect a small portion of users
  • Drastically reduce the amount of time your engineering team spends on update preparation
  • Roll back only the users that are affected by an issue
  • Update over a large span of releases (e.g. MR55–MR75)
  • Eliminate full service downtime during the update
  • Launch new products even while the migration of existing customers is still underway
  • Minimize “oops” moments for 3rd-party applications (such as reseller portals) that cannot be fully tested beforehand


   Andriy Zhylenko, CEO
   Alexander Zalugovskiy, Project Manager
Date and time:

June, 17th

Mexico City – 9:00 am
New York – 10:00 am
São Paolo – 11:00 am
London – 3:00 pm
Western / Central Europe – 4:00 pm
Eastern Europe – 5:00 pm
Dubai – 6:00 pm

Register for the webinar

We will hold a QA session but if you want any special issues covered during the webinar, please send your questions to:

Note: During the conference your microphones will be muted, but you can type your questions via the Chat/Q&A window.

We look forward to meeting you!

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