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Nashua: Apps to use when working from home

When you think about it, your cell phone is the perfect desk companion as you push through your work-from-home routine. It’s an alternative way of staying in touch with your co-workers, it helps you fit in some relaxation time into your busy schedule, and it can be your own personal assistant when you’ve got a deadline looming.

By that, we mean those software programmes disguised as colourful squircles on your home screen, i.e mobile apps. There are hundreds of apps that provide you with goal-crushing features, right at your fingertips. To get you started, we’ve picked out a few. Make sure you download our top picks for a productive day.

HP Smart (Android and iOS)

If you have a wireless HP printer, you can set up and manage your printer directly from their Smart app. Need to print but find yourself stuck at the grocery store or someone at home is using your laptop? With the app installed, you can send printing jobs over the internet from your mobile device without having to wait. The Smart App also lets you scan documents with your cell phone camera, and save as a PDF on the cloud.

Evernote (Android and iOS)

Inspiration can strike anywhere. Imagine you’re running around the block, you suddenly have a Eureka moment.  With no pen or notebook available, you can simply pull out your phone and record a voice note with the help of Evernote. But the app does more than record ideas. Working from home often requires you to schedule and optimize your day to stay on task. Evernote will help you get the most out of your working hours through do-lists, checklists, and reminders. You can keep your day organised from one app, which can be synced across devices and shared with others.

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Toggl (Android and iOS)

If you find it hard to prioritise your time working from home, you can use the Toggl app to help you stay committed. Most companies use Toggl for billing purposes, but it is also a great productivity tool. The time tracking reports from this app will show you if there are any distractions at home taking up your time so you can better manage your time carrying out your work duties.

Pocket (Android and iOS)

Ever stumbled upon an article, video, or resource that you think may help you in your assignment or is worth sharing with the rest of the team? There’s an easier way to bookmark online content: Pocket allows you to save anything on the web in your personal library. Unlike the cluttered pit that is your browser’s bookmark section, Pocket gives you easier access to a saved media as it lets you organise similar items. Save content from a range of browsers and over a thousand apps, even when you don’t have a connection.

Just as desktop apps like Microsoft Teams (which is now available as part of Nashua’s remote working packages) ensure individuals and teams can work more efficiently, there are some mobile apps that can be incredibly useful during this work-from-home period. Download the right combination of productivity apps and turn your phone into an all-in-one resource. If you’re interested in any of our remote working packages, you can contact us via our PC & Services page.

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