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Bundled PBX & Mobile Point Of Sale: An end-to-end solution for retail customers

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The advent of disruptive technology and the progression of digitisation has made customers more sophisticated. They know exactly what they want and have a plethora of options to choose from. Differentiating yourself from the competition means being able to offer enhanced services or products which are designed to make customers’ lives easier and their businesses more manageable to run in the most cost-effective way.

Cue mobile point of sale systems. A system that is handheld on a mobile device and functions as a mobile cash register and terminal. Pansmart now offers the KICKO mobile POS solution to our dealers as an innovative solution for your retail customers, with the added benefit of a lucrative annuity on every card swipe. Mobile POS solutions are more than just payment terminals and offer many business capabilities.

The KICKO mobile POS solution offers retail customers the following benefits:

  • Cash or card payments with loyalty programmes
  • Detailed reports which assist with key business decisions
  • Sales and inventory tracking
  • Employee management, and
  • A comprehensive communication portal to stay connected to clients

This mobile POS is designed for businesses on-the-move. Customer information is captured easily, and the single device allows employees to move around and accept card payments anywhere on the sales floor. This leads to interactive customer experiences  and personalisation and transforms employees into more efficient store associates. Customer loyalty programmes also add that extra value-add. Your customers can now begin to compete with online retailers with the adoption of this technology. Payment security is also significant.

As a dealer, offering your customers this kind of innovative technology to scale their business, builds trust and brand loyalty. It helps them to deliver the kind of shopping experience that their consumers expect. To find out how you can help your customers get ahead, contact your Pansmart partner today.

Sourced from: Pansmart Newsroom. View the original article here.

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