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MikroTik’s first MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router now in stock!

Many Wi-Fi routers can only transmit or receive multiple streams of data to a single device at a time. Should multiple users simultaneously connect to a single router it can cause congestion as the router can only serve the first user’s request while all other users trying to connect will have to wait.

MikroTik’s MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router is the ideal all-in-one solution for a reliable high capacity network with no throughput limitations or congestion. The routers MU-MIMO functionality addresses network congestion issues by allowing multiple devices to simultaneously receive multiple data streams.

This device enables you to experience the fastest possible throughput from your access point with features such as a 10Gbps Ethernet connectivity speed and 1 SFP+ port for a fibre interface. The MU-MIMO functionality supports a data rate of up to 1733 Mbps in the 5GHz spectrum, eliminating any throughput congestion in your wireless network.

MikroTik has already been established as one of the most powerful and feature-rich brands and with the introduction of their new MU-MIMO router, they are adding new dynamics to an already powerful brand.

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