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Microsoft Teams Rooms vs Microsoft Teams Collaboration Bars, Important Differences

Microsoft now has two types of certified room systems for Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR)
  • Microsoft Teams Collaboration Bars

Confusingly, Microsoft lists them under the same “Room systems” category on their official device catalogue, but they are quite different.


Microsoft Teams Rooms are windows IOT based devices, currently available from Logitech, Yealink, Crestron, HP, Lenovo and Poly. MTR’s come with an intel PC, Windows 10 in kiosk mode running a Microsoft Teams App.

Microsoft Teams Collaboration Bars are a new category. They are Android-based, from Yealink and Poly. The Yealink VC210 and the Poly Studio X30 and X50.

image image

Both types are certified from Microsoft, but there are some significant functional and use case differences, so make sure you pick the right device for your requirements.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Microsoft Teams Collaboration Bars
Operating System Windows 10 IOT Enterprise Android
Service Support Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Microsoft Teams
All in one unit No Yes
Display Support Single or Dual HDMI displays with optional touch support Single HDMI display with optional touch support
Control interface Room touch panel Touch screen, touch panel or remote depending on vendor/model
Use case Small, Medium and Large rooms Personal, small or huddle rooms
Support for external cameras, room audio systems Yes No
Transmit video resolution up to 1080p Up to 720p
Number of participants video viewed concurrently 4 (2×2) 4 (2×2)
Future support to connect to Zoom and WebEx meetings Yes No (not on the public roadmap)
Content Camera/traditional whiteboard capture Yes No
Present whiteboard from the unit Roadmap No (can consume when started from another Teams endpoint)
HDMI input to screen share Yes No
Proximity Join Yes Yes
Custom Branding Yes No

Have I missed something or have a question, please let me know.

Sourced from: TomTalks Blog. View the original article here.

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