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Microsoft Teams Policy-based compliance recording API is now Generally Available

Exciting news in Microsoft Teams, the updateRecordingStatus API, the Graph API that enables policy/compliance-based session recording, is now generally available.

This API allows you to apply a policy to a Microsoft Teams user that enabled a bot to join all of their Microsoft Teams calls and meetings and enable a recording to meet various regulatory requirements.

Since this is service-based, it works across all Microsoft Teams endpoints and enables the capture of audio, video and screen sharing. It works for PSTN, Direct Routing and Calling Plans.

On Microsoft Teams clients (desktop, web mobile, teams phones and teams rooms), when one or more users is policy recorded, a visual banner notification. For users in a recorded session connecting from SIP Phones (via interop) Skype for Business, Audio Conferencing or PSTN, there is an audio prompt to let users know the session is recorded.

In addition to the API, you need a solution to capture the recordings. Microsoft has certified several partners for this.

Microsoft Teams certified compliance recording Solutions.

The API is open to anyone to use, but Microsoft has a certification program for tested and approved partner solutions. The following partners are certified or in the process of certifying their solution for Microsoft Teams.

The exact implementation of the recorder service will vary by partner. It must be designed to support multiple recorders to achieve high availability and geographical distribution of deployment to reduce latency from Microsoft Teams to the recorder. Also, it is expected that Recorders themselves be designed with resiliency and redundancy in mind.

Stay tuned for a blog where I compare some of the USP’s of each vendor and their solutions. You can subscribe for email updates here.

Additional Microsoft Licence Required for updateRecordingStatus API

Interestingly this API is going to require an additional licence from Microsoft. There is limited detail on the licence or the cost at this time. I will update the blog when I have more information. Stay tuned here.


Record calls and meetings – the updateRecordingStatus API in Microsoft Graph is now generally available

Introduction to Teams policy-based recording for callings & meetings

Sourced from: TomTalks Blog. View the original article here.

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