Microsoft Teams app and bot development, the definitive book

Microsoft Teams continues to grow at a pace. Teams is more than just UC and collaboration; it’s also about app integration and Improving line of business workflows. Monthly usage of third-party applications and custom-built solutions [in Teams] has grown 10X in the last two years.

There are tremendous opportunities for organisations to improve productivity and workflows by leveraging Teams as a platform.

My good friend and MVP Tom Morgan has written the definitive book on Microsoft Teams app and bot development. He’s come at it with an “everyone is welcome” approach, from IT Pro to no-code/low code to full-time developer. There seem to be so many different entry points, multiple SDKs and options with Teams development. This book will help you understand the landscape and way forward, and being an online book, Tom continues to update it with the constant developments and new options.

Knowing Tom well, I can highly recommend the book; you can find it on Leanpub; more details here.

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