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MetriNote: Poly Announces New Meeting Room Solutions

September 13, 2021 – At Zoomtopia, Poly has announced two new meeting room video conferencing systems: The Poly Studio E70 and Poly Studio X70. Each of these systems is designed to support larger conference rooms with AI-enabled capabilities to improve video quality, track active speakers, and block out unwanted background noise.

The E70 is a stand-alone camera while the X70 is a video bar incorporating built in audio and compute components. Both systems will support Zoom’s Smart Gallery feature to capture in-room meeting participants and display them within their own window, making it easier for remote employees to engage with those attending meetings from within conference rooms.

The E70 is Zoom certified, while the X70 is undergoing the certification process. We expect that Poly will certify these devices with its other partners in the near future. The E70 retails for $3,499 while the X70 starts at $6,999 (USD).

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