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Logitech and Creston Join Forces on Collaboration

Global leader in workplace tech solutions, Crestron, has now announced a partnership with video experts, Logitech. The collaboration aims to provide a premier solution for room control, video conferencing, scheduling, and meeting management.

The strategic partnership pairs the Flex platform from Crestron with the video collaboration solutions from Logitech for updated user experience. According to Crestron’s CEO and President, Randy Klein, the solution represents the coming together of two leaders in the industry to deliver exceptional room experiences to customers. Collaborating with Logitech helps Crestron to expand its unified communication offerings and create more intelligent workspaces.

Premium Collaboration Experiences

According to the Vice President of Logitech Video Collaboration, Scott Wharton, Crestron is a giant in the digital media and AV space, and a company that Logitech is excited to be working with on leading products for video collaboration and communication. The joint solutions will surely provide excellent value to end-users and channel partners alike.

The workplace solutions pair the C Series of Crestron Flex products with, Logitech Rally, Logitech MeetUp, and Logitech Rally plus to provide a complete UC experience for mid-sized, small and large meeting rooms. All systems are compatible with the Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms solutions, providing greater flexibility and choice for end-users. Additionally, the systems come with room booking solutions through Creston, as well as management tools through Crestron XiO.

The Crestron Cloud solution works with Logitech’s Sync APIs to aggregate Crestron and Logitech products into a more consistent management platform. The solution helps support teams to easily handle all of the technologies in a room with a simple set of tools while offering key insights into how the workspace is being used.

Next-Level Meetings

Crestron and Logitech technology works together to offer customers a more seamless room experience with video conferencing and advanced controls. Occupancy sensors, source switching, lighting, and wireless presentation all allow for a more advanced meeting solution.

The meet-in-the-market partnership between Crestron and Logitech allows both companies to deliver enhanced values for their end-users and partners. According to Recon Research’s founder, Ira M. Weinstein, Logitech brings additional audio and video solutions for small, medium and large spaces, while Crestron provides a full UC solution and cloud management product line. The two options together give customers greater access to a broader selection of pre-vetted product bundles that area easy to use and deploy.


We reached out to the Executive Director of Commercial Product Marketing at Crestron, Nic Milani, and he told us:

“Collaboration is key to a successful workplace, so it only makes sense that the technology you use is collaborative as well,”

“By partnering with Logitech, we’re able to deliver an enhanced unified communications experience for our customers. Why is this important? It brings simplicity to not only to the end-user of the technology but to the IT teams who are tasked with managing it within a company. This is what the future of the workplace is all about: tech that empowers the employees, not inhibits them.”

Source: UCToday

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