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How Wi-Fi scanning helps Mind the Speed identify and resolve Wi-Fi congestion issues

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Home Internet has become particularly important during the COVID-19 lockdown and it is important that your connection remains active and strong.

You therefore cannot afford to suffer issues with your router that result in you being offline for long periods of time.

The Axiros AXESS.ACS Device Management Platform – supplied and implemented by Nology, the exclusive distributor for Axiros in Southern Africa.

This nifty piece of tech has some great benefits for Mind the Speed customers

  1. With Zero-touch provisioning it reduces the number of people who are in contact with the device before the customer receives it
  2. With Wi-Fi scanning it helps Mind the Speed support identify and resolve wifi congestion issues
  3. Update the router with the latest tech in minutes

Zero-touch provisioning

Through zero-touch provisioning, a router is able to automatically connect to an Auto Configuration Server (ACS) platform. This means that customers receive a preconfigured router that works straight out of the box.

The national lockdown makes this feature even more valuable as it reduces the number of people who are in contact with the device before one receives it – reducing the chance of COVID-19 transmission.

Additionally, if a customer has an issue with their router, the problem can be fixed without the need for a technician or support agent to visit their home. Instead, Mind the Speed can use the AXESS.ACS software to provide remote troubleshooting or support.

Wi-Fi scanning

Another great feature of the Axiros’ AXESS.ACS software is its ability to scan one’s immediate Wi-Fi environment to determine if congestion is causing issues with their home network.

If the tool determines that the connectivity issues are the fault of the Wi-Fi connection, Mind the Speed can then try to move it onto a less congested channel, improving the connection quality and the performance of the home internet connection.

The image below shows the different wireless networks in the vicinity of a router (the Wi-Fi names have been cropped out for obvious reasons)

Different Wireless Networks

As you can see, this environment is congested, but by analysing this data, AXESS.ACS can find a channel with less noise to improve the Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, Mind the Speed can conduct a speed test directly on the router which eliminates wireless noise and environmental interferences. This helps to determine whether your speed issues are caused by Wi-Fi noise or a problem on the fibre line.

Speed Test

Sign up with Mind the Speed

Mind the Speed is one of the fastest-growing fibre ISPs in South Africa.

It offers great connectivity on five leading South African fibre networks:

  • Openserve
  • Vumatel
  • Frogfoot
  • SADV
  • MetroFibre

Mind the Speed offers great prices and amazing service – meaning they’re a top choice if you are looking to sign up for fibre.

“Nology is delighted to be part of the MTS journey and that we were able to contribute positively towards the value delivered to their subscribers,” said Willem Venter, Technical Director at Nology.

“The Axiros platform brings to the table a number of automation and cost-cutting benefits which are indispensable to Service Providers in a post-Covid world. MTS passes on these savings to their subscribers, fielding a superior service at a highly-competitive price”, Venter continued.

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This article was published in partnership with Mind The Speed.

Sourced from: Nology News. View the original article here.

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