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How to manage the impacts of remote working in the Contact Center with integrated tools?

It is undeniable that remote working has advantages and for contact center businesses it has become a valuable option for business continuity. However, adopting remote working in a contact center impacts on the infrastructure and even on the administration and management of personnel.

Therefore, the success of a remote operation depends on having control of the entire operation even when off-site. It is necessary to have clear processes and integrated tools, which guarantee efficiency and productivity in the activities.

If, on the other hand, the necessary control tools are not available to carry out remote working successfully, this may even lead to the loss of business opportunities. And we don’t want that, do we?

Thinking about these aspects, and with the objective of facing the remote work in the right way, we have created this content. Here we highlight the relevance and value of having integrated tools in this adoption process.

Importance in the unification of tools

There are several tools for remote working in a Contact Center in order to facilitate and accelerate the change.

However, it is important that there is a link between all the tools, which guarantee the success of the operations. That is, the tools must complement each other and be seen as a set of solutions that allow you to control daily activities.

For this reason, it is essential to have an All-in-One software, without complex integration requirements. This makes it easier to operate in a teleworking situation, especially if this software is in the cloud, given the flexibility, scalability, and security it allows.

Let’s take a practical example, maybe this could be your case. You have had to reduce staff because of the current situation generated by the COVID-19. This has led to situations of dissatisfaction by your customers, having to wait for long periods of time to be served, perhaps the different communication channels are not performing well or even failings in unifying the information provided by users. Has this happened to you?.

An All-in-one tool will allow you to have clarity at all points of the customer’s journey in order to offer a frictionless, cross-sectional experience, among other advantages.

What are the benefits of having an All-in-On solution?

  • All-in-one attention at any time and through any channel.
  • Reduced agent response times with the availability of all information on a single platform.
  • Automation of the interactions for customer service without waiting or repetitions.
  • Proactive and personalized communications to communicate with the customer at the right time.
  • Measuring the quality of service and processes.

Why implement an All-in-One solution in your Contact Center?

Even though agents are operating remotely and have access to their desktop and usual work tools,  the possible lack of information consolidation, you may be at risk that some processes will not be executed properly, with the quality, effectiveness, and results with which they were performed before.

Likewise, this software connects with the other tools needed to carry out daily activities, such as simple CRM or APIS. This allows you to complement the virtual environment of teleworking, ensuring that everything is more efficient.

In the specific case of Enghouse Interactive, integrated into the All in One software, we have tools that help mitigate some remote working problems and that make up the Smart Staff Optimization (SSO) package: such as the BI tool, the Workforce Management tool, Quality Management Systems, Gamification and Vidyo.

All these tools together facilitate the control of operations. They allow constant and timely monitoring of KPI’s, ensure quality in service delivery, and motivate the productivity of agents.

Read more about Smart Staff Optimization here

In conclusion, it is imperative to have adequate technology to face the impacts of remote working. Integrated tools that allow you to control in a holistic way, the day-to-day operation. This will allow you to streamline processes, increase productivity and sales, and improve the customer experience.

If you want more information to achieve better management of remote work, we invite you to download the Infographic.


Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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