BitCo: How the Internet Affects Every Step of the Guest Experience

With people making bookings and plans across continents, the hospitality industry thrives when it’s well connected. Let’s take a look at the ways in which hospitality businesses have come to rely on the internet and how this better’s the guest experience.

The internet can create improved efficiency and processes. It goes far beyond bookings – consider the use of automation, for example, which triggers the likes of in-room entertainment, electric blinds and temperature controls. This adds a future-first design and touch of luxe.

There are also a number of online intermediaries that have grown in prominence which help hotels to fill empty rooms. Other online measures can help with optimising concierge services and energy conservation in the rooms. There has also been a continued move towards upgrading rooms with internet-enabled smart devices and technology being implemented in rooms.

Restaurants, which form another formidable part of the hospitality sector, are also relying on online systems in various ways, from scannable QR codes for menus and implementing quality control systems, in line with food safety regulations. It can also assist with personalising menu options for patrons with on-demand memory recall.

By utilising the online connectivity and data analytics of the Internet of Things (IoT), hospitality businesses can provide more personalised service, optimising their hotel expenditure, and have more robust predictive analysis in place.

Hospitality businesses require the internet for all the aforementioned operations, as well as for everyday duties, like building their tourism brand on social media and handling bookings, etc. Likewise, the guests and visitors will also need to be connected to the wifi. This is often provided using a separate guest access wifi for security measures and to ensure that the business’s network is not affected by the additional internet usage.

Suffice to say, the internet has become part of every step in the guest’s journey. That is why it is so important for hospitality businesses to be well-equipped and maintain their presence online. This helps to create an online community in which tourism can thrive and cultures can be shared.

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