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How Contact center software can alter operations of FMCG industries

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FMCG industries deal with high volumes of data generated by conversations, phone calls, and information gathered by bulk orders throughout the day. It is essential to sort and store the collected data in a well systematic way to make proper use of it. Call center software assists in doing so.

Along with segregating the data, it also assists FMCG companies to function smoothly. Therefore, wisely knowing about the capabilities of the software is highly important to utilize its full potential.

What is contact center software

Technologies have transformed the way we work and the modes of communication. Now people expect a quick resolution of queries, and this expectation enhances a lot when it comes to the Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. 

Contact center software assists FMCG industries in managing distribution networks, streamline delivery, and uncover retail opportunities to make the shopping experience more exciting and pleasing. 

Call center software offers a platform where FMCG industries can effectively manage orders and inventory. It assists FMCG businesses in managing various communication channels, including email, phone, Live chat, SMS, instant message, and social media. It is basically of two types: on-premise call center software and cloud-based call center software. 

Features of contact center software

Contact center software comes up with several features to assist FMCG industries. These features include: –

  1. IVR, Interactive voice response – IVR categories incoming calls based on various parameters and transfers the request to the most appropriate agent. Call center software integrates IVR to help FMCG companies to offer better customer service.
  2. Automatic Call distribution – Automatic call destruction feature in contact center software automatically routes call to the most appropriate agent and reduces the waiting time of customers. It assists in handling customer calls systematically.
  3. Skill-based routing – Contact center software routes the call to the most appropriate agent who has a particular set of skills to resolve the query of the customer in one go.
  4. Call tracking and monitoring – It tracks all the business calls 24*7 and identifies whether all the calls are answered. It also tracks the performance of agents. 
  5. Analytical report – Analytical report is an essential feature of call center software and is beneficial for FMCG industries. It displays call volume on-peak hours, missed and received calls, new and returning calls, traffic generating from various regions, and several other insights.

Benefits of call center software for FMCG industries

  1. Effective management of supply chain channels – Contact center software assists FMCG industries to effectively manage supply chain channels and tracks performance reports of the sales team.
  2. Lower the operational costs – Call Center software reduces the operational cost of the FMCG industries. It is accessible from any remote location.
  3. Productivity booster – Contact center software has several automated features such as autodialer, monitoring tools, and call route matrices. It assists in tracking the package from the warehouse to the customer and helps in better customer service. Thus enhancing productivity.


Call center software smoothens the operation of FMCG industries. If you are searching for optimized contact center software, feel free to contact Ecosmob Technologies private limited for personalized contact center software.

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