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HoduCC – Omnichannel Contact Center Software with WhatsApp for Business

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With billions of users, WhatsApp is the widely used mobile application even for business communication. It offers sleek communication with instant coordination among users. Hence, WhatsApp for business has become a preferred choice these days. With this emerging trend, HoduCC has integrated the communication application (WhatsApp) for better engagement with customers and expand business growth. This integration offers many distinct advantages and features to improve the customer experience for the contact/call centers.

HoduCC is an Omnichannel contact center software that improves productivity by facilitating business communications. It allows customer support teams to provide individual, productive phone support within an omnichannel customer journey. Also, HoduCC conveniently accommodates the expanding requirements of sales and support teams and their end-users. As a result, it increases client satisfaction, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. If you want to improve the efficiency of the agents, increase productivity, or embrace technology like WhatsApp with call center software, HoduCC is a perfect choice. 

HoduCC has integrated significant features of WhatsApp with the contact center software for smooth and swift communication between agents and clients. An agent will be able to access WhatsApp within the contact center window. The utmost aim for this integration is to expand customer reach while making communication easy. Whether you want to advance customer services or boost sales, HoduCC with WhatsApp for businesses can work for you.  The contact center software incorporates features such as Advanced dialer management, Multi-user login, Campaign management, real-time queuing, and many more. 

Nonetheless,  WhatsApp for business with HoduCC also offers distinct features for improved business performance.  The key features of WhatsApp For Business with HoduCC include;

  • Seamless Integrations – for uninterrupted process
  • Alerts & Notifications – always stay connected with the end-users
  • Two-Way Communication – communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Rich Media Support – send and receive media for improved communication
  • WhatsApp Based Ticketing – systematically solve customer queries

The rich media support allows users to share photos, videos, and emojis for better communication. Likewise,  HoduCC has enabled WhatsApp based ticketing to enhance the customer experience. This exclusive feature developed by our contact center software with an ultimate aim to solve customer queries efficiently and as quickly as possible. 

HoduCC – Omnichannel contact center software facilitates automatic call distribution, auto-dialer, real-time analytics & reports, skill-based mapping, and many other functionalities. The WhatsApp for business integration with HoduCC benefits businesses in many ways. More specifically, it offers key advantages like; 

  • Reduce Customer Service Cost
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Communicate securely with customers
  • Reliably message to customers across the globe, and many more. 

As comprehensive contact center software, Hoduccc renders all the required features and functionality. With WhatsApp integration, the software has become popular where clients can have many opportunities to advance communication processes. Do you want to empower customer service with telephony solutions? Connect with us to get more details on how HoduCC – omnichannel contact center software can boost business communication with WhatsApp for business integration.

Sourced from: Hodusoft. View the original article here.

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