Euphoria Telecom: Groundbreaking VoIP telephony market survey launches

13 October 2021 – WhichVoIP, in partnership with VoIP business telephone solutions provider Euphoria Telecom has launched a research survey into the state of the VoIP business telephone solution market in South Africa. 

The aim of the research is to establish what telephony-related technologies and solutions South African companies use, and how they plan to change that (if at all) over the next one to three years. 

“The cloud computing market, particularly for telephony solutions, in South Africa is relatively undeveloped, and by establishing a benchmark and repeating this research at regular intervals, we hope to gain insight into the solutions that South African companies need to support their business objectives,” says Euphoria Telecom CEO John Woollam. 

The research is the first of its kind in the local market, the companies believe, and should help to establish what the state of the market is from the point of view of the people who use these solutions. 

Says WhichVoIP publisher Mitchell Barker: “WhichVoIP is passionate about helping customers to make better buying decisions through educating them, and helping them to use that knowledge to force accountability and better service from their telecom providers. 

“Through ongoing engagement with customers, and research projects like this, we strive to deepen our understanding of the South African telecoms customer, gain insight into new developments on a near real-time basis and strengthen our analysis of the market, its challenges and the opportunities. 

“This research will help businesses to understand that they’re not alone, and it will help telecoms companies to build solutions tailored to these customers.”

The survey is open for submissions for the month of October and the results will be announced in due course thereafter. Participants who submit valid entries can also stand to win a share of R10 000 worth of Yuppiechef vouchers!

To participate in the survey click here.