Fanvil Unveil New Wireless Hotel IP Phone H3W/H5W to Provide the Digital Guest Service Experience

China, Shenzhen – March 22, 2021 -Fanvil, a leading global A&V-IoT device provider, announced the new product launch of H3W/H5W Wi-Fi hotel phones. Featuring stronger compatibility and scalability, Fanvil H3W/H5W enable hotels to improve the efficiency of hotel management and service, providing guests with a more convenient, comfortable, and securer hotel living experience.

With the rapid development of IoT technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Cloud, the digital transformation becomes an irreversible trend in all walks of life. For the hotels, it is the top priority to quickly cater to their requirements for services anytime and anywhere, and improve the internal communication and management efficiency.

In the future, digital guest service experience will become the core differentiated competitiveness in hotel industry.

Wireless, Limitless


Many chaotic equipment cables not only level up the wiring cost, but also affect the overall appearance of the hotel rooms and reduce the comfort of guests. Fanvil H3W/H5W IP phones support wireless connection to the network through the built-in 2.4G Wi-Fi. In a room with great Wi-Fi signal, guests can enjoy clear and stable audio calls wherever the corner they are, without the limitation of wiring and space.

Securer and Easier Access Control


With H.264 and 1080P HD video decoding, Fanvil H5W supports to view the images on the SIP devices like the door phones, intercoms and cameras at the entrance and public areas. After confirming the identity of the visitor, guests can achieve the one-click door-opening.

Happiness in the Details

With elegant design with black and white, Fanvil H3W/H5W can match the room interior decoration, creating the most comfortable living environment for guests;

Hotel managers can display the customizable welcome greeting and hotel information for guests through the 3.5-inch color display on Fanvil H5 and the panel on Fanvil H3W. Guests can also get the services including Wake Up, Meals, Report, Do Not Disturb by one touch, which offers a simple and easy communication access for the guests.

The Fanvil latest H3W/H5W wireless hotel IP phones are more compatible, which is the bridge to connect the hotel managers and the guests. It helps hotels to make rapid response at any time and improve the efficiency of service and management.

About Fanvil

Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. (Fanvil) is a leading global provider of A&V-IoT devices. With three R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, China, Fanvil has compiled an effective team of R&D, production, sales, and service staff to innovate and add value to our business partners. As the pioneer in applying SIP and Audio & Video technologies to build A&V-IoT, Fanvil is boosting the digital transformation for multiple industries.

Adhering to the core values of Efficient, Team Work, Integrity, Positive and Enterprising, Fanvil is committed to providing high-quality A&V-IoT devices, and building an intelligent world of infinite communication.

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