Fanvil Academy Training & Certification System is Available

Fanvil, a leading global provider of A&V-IoT devices, today officially launched the Fanvil Academy Training & Certification System for providing the users with some technical guidance before deploying products.

Fanvil Academy Training & Certification System is a centralized training portal for our partners, distributors, integrators and installers, providing professional and systematic training courses and official certificates after finishing the training.

The main features of Fanvil Academy include:
· Courses on Fanvil IP Phones and Fanvil Security Products
· Three Certificates includes Certified Associate, Certified Professional and Certified Expert
· Automatic Grading for the Tests
· Multiple Opportunities for Tests
· Digital Certificates can be Downloaded After Passing the Tests

Learning Steps
1. Partners Training & Certification
2.Fill in personal information for registration
3.Login – Course – Choose the courses of IP Phone and Industry Products
4.Apply for an exam on Test after finishing the courses
5.Receive a relevant certificate with a score of more than 80 points? Full marks?100 points?/ apply for another test again with a score of fewer than 80 points

Certificate Example

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