Enghouse Interactive: Customer experience solutions – a sure bet for success

Enghouse Systems – Bigger, stronger, more customer-centric, thanks to new acquisition

There is a lot of talk about “customer experience solutions” and how important they are to generate added value to products and services, and boy, is it true! Every moment that the user has contact with the brand is a determining factor in making a purchase decision, building loyalty, or leaving. That is an essential aspect, and we can see it on Oracle’s Customer Experience Impact Report: “89% of customers change brands just because they have a bad experience”.

That is why, as a company, we not only focus on providing a valuable experience to our customers, but we also care that, through our technological solutions, they can provide the best experience to their customers. This is why we decided to start 2021 with the great news that Enghouse Systems acquired Altitude Software, and we have not stopped working in all the areas that such an acquisition requires: People (Talent and Organization), Products (Functionality and Technology), and processes (Procedures and Methods).

What actions did we take to improve the customer experience?

During the first quarter of this year, we made rapid progress in the mixture of our products, turning them into an All-in-One customer experience solution, which can turn contact centers from a watertight department into the heart of all processes and communications of the company. How? We connect all the points of the customer journey with the different corporate areas, to offer a cross-cutting and frictionless experience.

We want to go further, to continue offering customer experience solutions that are aligned with the strategy of our stakeholders, to help them meet their increasingly demanding objectives. And we can only do that with our product, so in May and June, we are communicating our new RoadMap through Webcasts and one-to-one presentations to present all the new features we have developed for it.

These new features include certain commitments already made in the past, such as the evolution of WebRTC, the simplification of deployments with Visual Scripting and intelligent routing, the optimization of our solution for mobile devices, the tools for automating integrations with Bots, as well as improvements in security, scalability, and Cloud, etc.

We also included new functionalities that are very relevant in our industry, as a result of the synergies of the integration of Enghouse’s portfolio of solutions within the Altitude product, from which our customers can benefit, such as recording and quality solutions (QMS: Quality Management System), Business Intelligence, WorkForce Management, Gamification, Vidyo, etc. In short, a whole amalgam of solutions demonstrates that our commitment to product evolution continues to advance after the acquisition process, always betting on being a successful technological tool for all those who acquire it.

We are now closer to our clients

We have made and will continue to make radical improvements to our product, but we have also created something specially designed for our customers. As a result of this recent acquisition, we have become a “bigger, stronger” company, but also “more customer-centric”. Therefore, we have consolidated the Customer Experience Area as a Global Area of the Company, maintaining the local vision of the different geographies.

Our mission is to be ever closer to our customers to know and understand their needs, concerns, challenges, and initiatives. This constant listening allows us to align our product and service strategy with the real situation they face. In this way, we align the evolution of the Contact Center with new solutions for the customer experience that manages to maintain versatility and efficiency, both in customer service and employee assistance, to lead them to success in all their processes.

Written by: Julio Pérez – VP Customer Experience 

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