Employee Experience: What to Watch for in 2022

With video meeting apps in such heavy usage, they make a great starting point for insights that can positively influence employee experience.

No surprise, but worth exploring nonetheless, is that optimizing the employee experience will be a top workplace trend to watch in 2022. This isn’t a surprise – the trend is carrying forward from 2021 – but this trend is worth exploring, nonetheless.

The workplace challenges that fueled last year’s growing interest in employee experience haven’t disappeared. Video meeting fatigue is one example, as we’ve seen in our global Unified Communications Management and Endpoints: 2021-22 research. In that study, 44% of 395 participating companies named video meeting fatigue as a top concern. Omicron’s upending of return-to-office plans may likely exacerbate the problem.

On a more positive note, the greater the use of meeting services and other collaboration tools, the more usage data becomes available to help shed light on how to address video fatigue. We saw significant activity around meeting analytics for use in understanding the employee experience in 2021, and can expect to see more in 2022 as companies begin taking advantage of the offerings.

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Sourced from: Metrigy Blog. View the original article here.