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eBook: 10 Bottom-Line Reasons to Invest in Speech Analytics for your Contact Center

Can you turn business insights into reduced operating costs?


Speech analytics creates opportunities within your organization to uncover valuable insights by analyzing customer sentiment.

This creates a positive impact to your bottom line, including:

Reduced Quality Management Costs

Contact centers lack the time and manpower to evaluate a statistically significant random sample of agent interactions. Even the most well-staffed contact centers can struggle to conduct five to ten evaluations per agent per month. An automated quality management feature can greatly reduce quality management costs while also improving objectivity.

Reduced Agent Stress

On-the-job stress is a big contributor to agent turnover. Adding speech analytics provides the mechanism for identifying stress inducers, like the nature of complaints and problems. Once these have been identified, they can be addressed through targeted coaching and adjustments. Additionally, the automated quality management feature reduces stress related to monthly agent evaluations. Agents have access to the same data as supervisors ensuring ratings are consistent for all agents.

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