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Buyer’s Guide to UCaaS

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Is your phone system reaching the end of its life? Perhaps there are features you would like that aren’t supported by what you have now, or maybe your business is moving to a state where there is a more distributed workforce and communication is currently clumsier than you would like?

You might not even know what you don’t know about modern, cloud-based communication platforms can offer, but the world is moving to the cloud – at some point you will need to move there as well.

In any case, you have come to the right spot. This page will provide a wealth of information on Unified Communications as a Service. We will have links to articles, videos, and white papers from UCBuyer and others intended to provide the right information for you to make the best decision for your business, and will update and add new information all the time. If you want additional help, or are ready to shop for specific features or providers, you can contact the UCBuyer Experts with the form on the right.

Quick Links to Curated UCaaS Resources

What is UCaaS?
This section is the perfect place to start if you are not certain of what UCaaS is, or what it can offer for your business immediately and in the future.

PBX Replacement
The features that are found with UCaaS that help replace your current business phone system will be explored in this section.

Special Features
There are features that extend or enhance what older systems could offer. This section will explain features like faxing, contact centers, mobility and collaboration services, and more.

Devices and Equipment
What equipment is involved in utilizing cloud-based services, from your Internet connection to your WAN, and even the endpoint devices are covered in this section.

Preparing for Change
When you decide to make the change to cloud-based communications, what are your next steps? This section offers advice on information you should gather and how to find the right service provider to meet your needs.

What is UCaaS?

These articles provide information about what is meant by Unified Communications as a Service. You can get your basic details here and explore what it means from a business point of view to move expenditures from capital to operational ones. UCaaS can change everything for you as you move from hardware to software model for communications.

Now is the Time to Consider a Unified Communications Business Strategy
If you have been hesitant to change your phone system or you feel like cloud services might be beneficial, this article can help. With a focus on remote working and business continuity measures, it nonetheless provides essential information for those contemplating making the move to UCaaS.
Source: Dave Gilbert, The UC Buyer

What is UCaaS? Unified Communications as a Service explained
TechRadar seeks to explain what UCaaS is through a detailed article that starts with the history of unified communications, what problems it solves, and some basics about what to expect.
Source: DeMuro and Aylarov, TechRadar

PBX Replacement

Learn about how you can use auto attendants to allow your callers to interact with the system to get to the right individual or department efficiently, for example. How do you determine that it is the right time to make the change? How do you define the requirements that you must have for your business, and where to begin finding the right partner? Is your current IT staff willing and able to manage the system, or do you want to look for a managed solution?

Options for an Open Source Unified Communications (UC) Solution
There are several choices for the backbone of a hosted communications system, and this article explores three open-source suites. This article is meant for those who are looking to install their own system, and those who are looking to resell a solution.
Source: Kevin Gulley, The UC Buyer

Choosing Business Hosted VoIP- Cloud Based Phone Service
When replacing an older phone service can be intimidating, for sure. This article lays out seven reasons why replacing an old PBX with a Hosted solution is the right choice. You will also read about several benefits of an Internet-based phone system.
Source: PBX Mechanic

Special Features

Cloud-based services offer a host of advanced features that can enhance, improve, or even replace what you already have. The articles in this section will spell out best-practices and ideas for utilizing those features.

6 Simple Ways UC Can Improve Your Customer’s Experience
There are a lot of options available to you within a Hosted PBX, and this article describes six of the most common and most useful call flow features. My making your call flow efficient and understandable, the most positive customer experience can be presented.
Source: Michael Cromwell, The UC Buyer

Why Everybody Needs a Hosted Contact Center
Contact Centers can find use for almost every business. This article expands upon the traditional meaning of contact center and adds scenarios of smaller and distributed centers and how a cloud-based contact center can be deployed to benefit you.
Source: Dave Gilbert, The UC Buyer

Devices and Equipment

Ultimately, most phone calls get to a device, be it a physical phone, a soft-phone client, or even an application on a smart-phone. This section will help determine the types of devices to look for, the scenarios where they work best, and what to consider when choosing the types of end-points for your service.

Desk Phones vs. Soft Phones for the SMB
Given the option of a physical desktop phone or a computer application for communications, what makes the best choice for your company and its employees? This article examines the pros and cons of each approach.
Source: Michael Cromwell, The UC Buyer

What Equipment Does One Need to Effectively Work From Home
For your employees who will work from home, the question of what equipment they will need becomes important. This article explores the most important pieces to make a home office effective.
Source: Dave Gilbert, The UC Buyer

What Provider Agnostic Devices Mean for Buyers
As you look at devices, you will find some that can work with a variety of UC services, and these “provider agnostic” units offer some extremely positive benefits for you. This article highlights these features.
Source: Michael Cromwell, The UC Buyer

Making the Wireless Headset Decision: DECT vs. Bluetooth
Among the two dominant methods of providing wireless UC handsets and headsets, this article will explore the differences, the pros, and the cons of them. Very useful for those who need a cordless handset option, or ones who will want long-range headsets.
Source: Kevin Gulley, The UC Buyer

Preparing for Change

When you decide to make the change to cloud-based communications, what are your next steps? The articles here help ease both the decision making process to choose your next provider, as well as some advice about the steps to take ahead of and in anticipation of the move.

3 Key Issues to Address When Vetting UCaaS Providers
There are hundreds of options for finding a provider for your service. This article highlights three issues to address in order to find the right provider for you and your business.
Source: Paul Desmond, The UC Buyer

Five Things Great Managers Do Before Leaving Their Telephony Provider
When you decide to migrate to the cloud, or even leaving one UC provider for another, there are some things you can do to make the transition as hassle-free as possible. This article lays out the five best things to do in preparation for a move.
Source: Michael Cromwell, The UC Buyer

Sourced from: UC Buyer. View the original article here.

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