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Case Study: Video Platform Integration for Telehealth

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Virtual Healthcare, better known as Telehealth, is becoming a pillar of health. This has allowed the use and integration of video platforms for the execution of this practice.

Vidyo Telehealth is a flexible solution designed specifically for healthcare. This platform secures real-time video in the cloud and enables multiple use cases for virtual care.

The integration of video platforms for Virtual Healthcare has become an ally to solve many gaps in the healthcare system. Access to primary care for vulnerable populations in remote locations is one of them.

Therefore, in sectors that are complicated to access, Telehealth is very different from what is experienced in cities. This is the case of Alaska, where through the Vidyo Telehealth tool they managed to improve medical communications.

Case study: Improving medical communications in the state of Alaska

The practice of medicine is very different in Alaska. There is a population of about 8,000 people scattered over an area the size of the state of Indiana. Patients who travel face many challenges.

Many towns may be several miles away from a health care facility. It is difficult to understand what it means to travel 90 miles to get in and see patients.

How did they manage this?

The vision of the original Afghan model was to create a statewide telemedicine system. With Telemedicine they were able to integrate a platform that worked with a mix of satellite connectivity and allowed for real communication between the parties. And they achieved this with Vidyo Telehealth.

Currently, they have about fifteen hundred people using Telehealth every year. This was a challenge because they were not in Anchorage but in remote regions. So, the system had to be simple and easy to use, with virtually no training opportunities.

Also, this platform had to work and provide the highest quality of audio and video data, not like communicating by phone or fax or writing a letter. It is real, it is personal and it is immediate. This is what really attracted them to Vidyo Telehealth, because in addition to having all of these features, the fact that it just works consistently and the ease of screen sharing is incredible. They tried to make the platform fail by connecting several people at once on IPads, iPhones and PCs, and they didn’t succeed.

Today, providers in Alaska are demanding solutions that rely on live video and have proven that with Vidyo Telehealth they have saved millions of dollars, especially in travel costs. They have also been able to provide better care, deliver good service, and deliver it well.

If you would like more information on how to implement Vidyo Telehealth as a video platform for Telemedicine, you can download the complete Guide or contact us here. 

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Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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