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Enghouse Interactive Case Study: Customer Service Migration to the cloud

The cloud has come to revolutionize the business environment and for Contact Center businesses, it has become the solution to continue offering their customers the same service without sacrificing quality. A Cloud tool favors remote work and organizational productivity, as it allows operations to continue regardless of location.

A crucial element for any contact center is to be able to serve your customers from anywhere. Companies should now focus on equipping their agents with the right tools so that they can provide business continuity without the need to be physically in the workplace. Companies are always looking to maximize the ROI on the solution they have invested in and one of the best ways to do this is to ensure that their staff can continue to serve their customers under any scenario.

Going for simple contact center or 100% cloud call center solutions offer critical flexibility and functionality that allows you to structure your contact center in an efficient and professional manner. Just as one of South Africa’s largest banks did. Here we will tell you about their case:

Capitec migrated its customer service and helpdesk to the private cloud

Capitec is South Africa’s leading bank with 15 million customers. They are part of the installed base of our partner INOVO, and Enghouse Interactive’s partnership with the All-in-One solution.

They had an urgent need to migrate their customer service and support centers to the cloud. However, circumstances did not allow for a traditional migration project that could take months, so they had to move their 600+ users to a full cloud platform in just two weeks.

Their requirements included:

  • Migrating of all existing contact flows, the configuration of all departments, and extensive reporting requirements.
  • Review and implement potential optimization initiatives to enhance contact handling, service levels, and visibility (value add reporting and new dashboards).
  • Integration into existing CRM.
  • Agent training together with business-wide change management initiatives

What were the results?

The transition to the private cloud was seamless, and everything was fully configured and implemented in 4 business days without missing a beat. This was followed by a week of user acceptance testing and agent training. Despite the short timeline, the project was completed within budget and in just a week and a half.

  • Smooth transition to the cloud in less than 4 business days.
  • One week of user and agent training.
  • Project completion: One and a half weeks.

As you see, migrating the contact center to the cloud has undeniable benefits. It is the right direction if you want to offer an excellent customer experience and at the same time achieve your business goals. Moving to a cloud contact center can offer companies of all sizes significant benefits in addition to greater flexibility, scalability and security, improved cost structures, and increased compliance.

If you want to learn more about Capitec and how they migrated their contact center to the cloud in record time, just click on the button.

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.