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Best Practices for Virtual Collaboration with Bria Virtual Meeting Rooms

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With the increased need for communication and collaboration tools while working remotely during the COVID-19 public health crisis, we recently put out a blog detailing our 10 best practices for virtual collaboration. As a follow up, we’re diving further into our collaboration offering, virtual meeting rooms, as this feature is seeing a fair bit of use. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your conference sessions and get your team connecting, communicating, and collaborating seamlessly.

1. Get meetings started quickly with conference room links

Add your meeting room link to a meeting invitation and get everyone “in the room” quickly and on time. Simply click “Schedule a conference” and set up a meeting occurrence in Bria,  or “Copy Conference Link to Clipboard” and insert it as a link.

Start a Conference


2. Ensure private conference with PIN/Password protection

While it can be convenient to have users join your conference session instantly, adding a PIN/Password ensures the right participants join the correct conference. You can set up a custom PIN/Password easily by navigating to Preferences > Conferences and entering a 3 to 10-digit password.

As an additional trick, you have the option to start your conference session when the first participant joins, letting them chat with other participants until you join the call. Or alternatively you can have start when you (the host) join the conference, leaving your participants in a waiting room until you join.


3. Show your screen with a single click

“Show and tell” can be the fastest way to get everyone on the same page. With Bria conferences, you can instantly share your screen with everyone on the call by clicking one button (and turn it off instantly using the same button).

bria start a screen share

4. Toggle video views to match your meeting format

Different video conference views can enhance the meetings you’re hosting. Team meetings with a Grid or Focus view can make it feel like everyone is in the same room, while Town Hall puts focus on just the presenter.

bria conference video view

5. Need to share a link, there’s a chat panel for that

All virtual meeting rooms also come with an integrated chat panel for sending messages to everyone in the room. Need to share a link? Google doc? DropBox file? Just put it in the chat window.



To learn more about Bria’s virtual meeting room features, check out the user guide. If you are looking for a video conferencing solution for your business, try Bria Teams free for 30-days!

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