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Best Cloud PBX Solution for Small Business

AVOXI offers virtual PBX systems to companies around the world, servicing over 160 countries! Offering both local and toll free numbers in most locations, AVOXI is a great place to get a cloud PBX, especially if you’re planning to do business in any unusual locations.  

AVOXI’s pricing depends on what country you want to purchase a number in and where your calls are being forwarded to. Since this post is about virtual PBX, we will assume you are receiving calls on a softphone via the internet.

AVOXI offers 6 different plans, all with varying bundled talk minutes. Below, we will go over the pricing for a United States toll free number:

  • Classic: $4.49/month (no bundled talk minutes, $0.041 per minute)
  • Basic: $7.99/month, 400 monthly talk minutes
  • Connect: $16.99/month, 1031 monthly talk minutes
  • Standard: $25.99/month, 1895 monthly talk minutes
  • Advanced: $43.99/month, 3888 monthly talk minutes
  • Premium: $70.99/month, 7522 monthly talk minutes

Some of AVOXI’s features include 15 days of free call recording, call forwarding, call groups, IVR, call transfer, call screening, call barring, call waiting, time of day routing, fax to email, plus many more standard features!

When it comes to affordability, AVOXI is probably the best option for small businesses. Not only do they offer free call recording, their plans start as low as $4.49/month, and they offer more international service options than any other provider!