Epygi: August 2021 Newsletter

In the QX latest available FW version, the ACD callback feature has been updated by adding support for the time-limited callback. When a caller requests an ACD callback, the system evaluates the callback time. If the evaluated (calculated) callback time is between the preconfigured “callback time start” and “callback time end”, the system plays a message telling approximately what time it will call back.

If the calculated time is after the end time then it says: “We are sorry, we cannot call back, please try to call later”.

Time-limited callback works only if both callbacks start time and end time are filled in. If one of the fields is not filled in then the call back is not time-limited. When the user calls to ACD out of the callback start and end time range the request for callback will be ignored. This option allows to escape the situations when users are waiting for the CallBack for a long time, thus makes the service easier to use and user-friendly.

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Sourced from: Epygi Blog. View the original article here.