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Allied technologies to improve the customer experience in the new normal

Technology has become an indispensable element in our current situation. With the so-called “new normality”, some companies have chosen to re-adapt their operational processes. Today’s consumer is demanding attention and different experiences, facing a generalized change in behavior that will last.

This time, without a doubt, results in an opportunity for companies, in terms of digital transformation and approaching new horizons.

But, how to face the current challenges in the customer experience with the new normality? This situation has accelerated the adoption of new tools and processes. For this reason, in this content, we analyze the technologies that are allied to the customer experience and that will experience a boom in their use as society and companies return to normality. An opportunity you should consider.

Adoption of the Cloud

The current situation exposed the need to implement the cloud, due to the obligation to operate remotely. This has led companies to migrate their projects to the cloud in order to obtain greater flexibility in collaborative work from any location.

Cloud computing is helping companies in their digital transformation process. This technology makes it possible to increase the efficiency of their organizational processes and achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and security. At the same time, it helps to improve their cash flow.

Presence Smart Cloud is an innovative, reliable, and flexible cloud contact center solution that allows you to meet your business objectives by increasing CX levels. It is the possibility of offering a unique service of attention, support, and communication to your clients, from any place and through any channel.

Social Experience

This new normality demands from companies a process of transformation in the models of relationship with their clients. This approach is known as Social Experience. There is no doubt that social networks have transformed the way in which people relate and communicate, also affecting their interaction with brands. Therefore, it is important for companies to manage their relationship with their customers without neglecting this reality. 

To do this, interactions through channels such as Whatsapp, Social Networks, and chats, allow you to obtain a competitive advantage in your customer service strategy. Therefore, connected tools focused on automating the customer experience in digital channels are the ones that will allow you to make a difference.

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Automation and Self Service

Today it is the customers who seek to manage their own requirements by digital means or through some device, without having to interact “face to face” with an agent. In order to do so, companies must face this trend and manage to take advantage of the perceptions and perspectives offered by customers in self-service sessions. In this way, it is possible for agents to focus on more complex activities.

Similarly, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an important role in this, with the development of intelligent bots and assistants with natural interactions, capable of recognizing specific requests without the need to talk to an agent.

This has happened to all of us. The moment you try to communicate with the customer service center, they indicate various options, but that very need you are looking to solve is not among the options they provide. It’s a feeling of helplessness and despair, isn’t it? So, you must ensure that all automated activities are able to contact a human agent if necessary. 

Therefore, having a tool that allows users to solve their simplest procedures quickly and autonomously will allow you to boost your business, making automation a great ally for the management of processes in the Contact Center.

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Quality and analytical management

The reason for the contact center is to satisfy the customers. We also know, from experience, that customers, in the first instance, opt for self-service and contact the contact center as a last resort.  Therefore, it is important to have precise control of all processes, to avoid dissatisfaction or discomfort.

For this, it is essential to have the right tools that allow you to guarantee regulatory compliance or to resolve your customers’ requirements effectively.

Quality Management Suite is a call recording solution enriched with a complete set of functionalities to ensure the quality of your operations, compliance with legal regulations, or improves service levels.

Therefore, the quality analysis tools not only facilitate the detection of possible errors or deficiencies in the processes but also allow the detection of coaching or mentoring needs of the agents.


In conclusion, this juncture that we are all living at present has left us with valuable lessons. The importance of adaptation and immersion in the digital transformation, a better understanding of the needs and purpose of the clients, and, most importantly, taking advantage of the opportunities that have arisen in this situation.  It is time to be closer to the clients and to generate a different and improved way of relating. Only in this way will companies be able to continue operating and optimizing their processes without disruption.

If you would like more information on how to implement the right technology to improve the customer experience, contact us here.

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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