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ALE SIP Devices and Yeastar advance telephony communications

ALE China Co., Ltd., an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market operating under the tradename ALE SIP Devices, is partnering with Yeastar, a Unified Communications solutions innovator, and leading provider of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) PBX systems. The goal of this partnership is to create real value for worldwide enterprises, channel partners, and end-users. The collaboration leverages ALE SIP Devices’ and Yeastar’s respective strengths in the telecommunications industry. It strategically aligns both companies’ commitment to Unified Communications by combining ALE SIP Devices’ deskphones featuring audio and performance excellence, and Yeastar’s expertise in modernising mission-critical communications systems.

ALE SIP Devices continues to make deskphone deployment, provisioning, and management effortless and agile for customers, while identifying innovative partners, optimising telephony communications and unlocking greater potential. “We are excited to evolve the business together with Yeastar. The integration of our new Open SIP based deskphones, the Halo deskphones H3PH3G, and H6, as well as the Myriad deskphones M3M5 and M7 on Yeastar P-Series PBX, let our global customers benefit from effortless deployment and auto provisioning, and helps empower end-user with endless telephony communications options,” says Bamin Seinaye, Head of Global Product Team at ALE SIP devices.  

Yeastar P-Series PBX is a converged system which can be wrapped in a suite of services, including voice, video, applications, collaboration and more. It offers an easy approach to fill the Unified Communications gap. “Our market-led P-Series PBX System is not limited by platform, modality, or functionality, enabling it to deliver boundless communications for SMEs. Certification of the ALE SIP Devices on the P-Series PBX System brings an enhanced user experience to our mutual customers, as well it delivers a solution that can be supported and that meets the diverse needs of a variety of enterprises. We are excited to collaborate with ALE SIP Devices,” says Prince Cai, Vice President of Yeastar.

About ALE SIP Devices

ALE SIP Devices are designed and manufactured by ALE China Co., Ltd, an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market, operating under the ALE SIP Devices tradename. It focuses on innovative technologies to develop a wide-range of SIP-based products that can be integrated into a variety of solutions with easy provisioning tools in a cost effective, secure, and flexible manner.

ALE SIP Devices can provide global business partners and end-users products with simpler business connections anywhere with top-notch audio, reliable hardware and software which has under-gone extensive testing before market launch.

From innovative development to green manufacturing, ALE SIP Devices rigorously manage every component and each production procedure to ensure products meet worldwide standards.

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About Yeastar

Yeastar provides cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs and VoIP gateways for SMEs and delivers Unified Communications solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry with a global partner network and over 350,000 customers worldwide. Yeastar customers enjoy the flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that have been consistently recognized in the industry for high- performance and innovation. For more information about Yeastar, or to become a Yeastar partner, please visit

Source: PRNewsWire