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6 Key Benefits of Outsourcing your NOC

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Enterprise models are changing, and your workforce may become more distributed for a long term than you ever anticipated. Instead of shouldering the burden of an expensive Network Operations Center (NOC) themselves, enterprises are choosing to outsource this work. The right third-party NOC can provide several key benefits to your organization.

This article will explore six key benefits for using an outsourced NOC.

In computer networking, a reliable protocol provides notifications to the sender as to the delivery of the transmitted data as opposed to an unreliable protocol which does not provide assurance of the delivery of data intended recipient or recipients.

If your network is reliable it will give you notifications of packet transmissions, uptime, and other real-time indicators of your network performance.

An outsourced NOC can be counted on to bear a lot of the burden of your network reliability. By having staff on hand and continuously monitoring your network, greater uptime is expected. You can maintain a minimal staff to react to network issues while the third party NOC has the larger staff to report these issues to you.

Reduced MTTR

Mean Time To Repair, or MTTR, is a measure of the average downtime on your network. This is calculated by taking the downtime of the system and dividing it by the number of failures in that same time range.

The trained staff in a third party NOC, through continuously monitoring your network reliability, and having excellent staff on hand around-the-clock will allow your network to respond with agility to any sort of failure. This translates to a shorter mean time to repair, less downtime, and more billable time.

Increased Revenue

When you have more uptime, you have more time that you can charge your customers for access to your network. Even if you don’t sell your network time, more network still allows more opportunities to increase your revenue through sales and other services.

Decreased Expenses

Two largest expenses that companies have our payroll, and an internal networking. By outsourcing the network operations center you reduce the expense on both of these fronts. You gain the benefits of a trained staff without training them. You gain the benefits of 24 hour staffing without the cost of keeping a facility open and safe for 24 hours a day. For all of the equipment that is at the outsourced NOC, you do not have to pay to upgrade, service, repair, or update.

Happier Customers

This should be the goal of any company that has customers, and having a reliable network not only pleases your customers but it makes your enterprise seem far more professional. Happier customers are more likely to buy your products, and more likely to recommend your products to others. By reducing downtime increasing uptime and speeding the time to recover from any sort of failure you make happier customers which in turn drive your business.

Well Rested IT Staff

Your internal IT staff doesn’t have to worry about monitoring the network all the time. You let the other guys do it. Your staff cannot worry about local issues like desktop repair or local phone problems. Your IT department doesn’t have to have a 24 hour staff and instead can just have someone on call in case there is an issue that the third-party NOC discovers. You can keep your best players fresh by keeping your IT staff well rested.

The benefits of outsourcing your NOC will easily pay for themselves through a better network for your staff and happier customers. The next step is finding the right outsourced NOC for you.

Sourced from: UC Buyer. View the original article here.

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