3 reasons to upgrade your Wi-Fi router

If your streaming site is constantly buffering, downloads take forever and it’s a hassle just to get online, it’s a good indication that your overworked Wi-Fi router is reaching its limits. In this article, we will take a closer look at three reasons why it is important to upgrade your outdated Wi-Fi router.

Capacity and Coverage on dual-band

Older routers operate on the 2.4GHz band and are limited to one wireless signal while more modern routers operate on 2.4GHz and 5GHz (Dual-Band), meaning they can transmit two wireless signals simultaneously, in turn providing better overall performance and capacity.

While there are many benefits to 2.4GHz, mainly penetration and coverage capacity, having a dual-band device offers you faster data rates and further reach. Higher bandwidth means that files will download and upload faster and bandwidth-intensive applications like HD streaming and content sharing will perform smoother and faster giving you a better internet experience.

Additional Features

Many home users are under the impression that a router is solely designed for the purpose of transmitting internet signals, which is the case with older out-dated routers, but new routers offer a variety of additional features such as USB Ports that enable content sharing. This allows home users to watch movies and play music on a 3rd party network attached storage (NAS) drive or a regular hard drive.

Another additional feature is Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), which reduces competition between devices on your Wi-Fi network, allowing for multiple devices to communicate with the network at the same time. MU-MIMO offers solutions to the modern problem of congestion by breaking up the bandwidth into ‘multiple’ streams.

Tenda’s AC1200 Smart Gigabit Wi-Fi router processes individual streams simultaneously, allowing for more devices to connect concurrently and in turn decreasing congestion. Meaning the entire family can now play games online, stream HD videos, connect to the Web and call their friends overseas, all made possible by one high-performing device.

Monitor and Management

New Wi-Fi routers can be monitored and managed through an app on your smartphone. This app offers complete access and control to features such as guest networking for visitors and parental control that grants users the ability to set up rules that will deny certain devices from accessing the internet during homework or bedtime hours.

You can even setup predetermined online “allowances” for your guests or family users. Meaning, once someone has used up their allocated quota, they will be denied access until the account is refreshed or the line is opened up. This will help make sure that capped data bundles are used effectively and data is not wasted on things like online adverts and application updates.

Whether your family is expanding or you just want to upgrade your home Wi-Fi experience, Tenda’s affordable range of Wi-Fi routers are the simplest solution. Be sure to upgrade today to ensure a better Wi-Fi experience tomorrow.

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