Huge Telecom: Bye-bye DSL. Bye-bye phone line?

This year has undoubtedly been one of change, with the impact of one microscopically small thing causing changes in who we can see, what we can do and where we can go, not to mention how and where we can work. With all this upheaval, it’s not surprising many have been left grasping for any kind of stability.

To make things worse, with Telkom’s retirement of copper-based digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, customers will be faced with yet more change — in this instance, a change in how they get their data that will cause a change in how they must get voice.

At a time when being physically separated from others means we need to rely more than ever on being able to speak to each other and connect, having a proven, stable voice communication technology, deployed by a trusted partner, is more important than ever.

Reconnect with GSM

When faced with the disappearance of your voice line along with your DSL, there is an alternative that will get your voice paths reconnected in no time at all, with no hassles: GSM Last Mile from Huge Telecom.

GSM has been in existence for nearly 30 years. It’s the technology that was deployed on your first Nokia and runs all the way through to your latest smartphone (and it will be on your next one, too). In fact, GSM is used by more than five billion people around the world every day.

In South Africa, GSM is being used by tens of thousands of companies to keep in contact with their customers. More importantly, GSM does so completely independently of any data connection they may have, and GSM’s performance is not linked in any way to their data connection performance. GSM will continue to do so when copper becomes fibre, when 4G becomes 5G and when Uber picks you up by heli-drone.

Source: TechCentral. Read more at source.